Namaste My Animal Friends

Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie had an amazing experience Saturday, December 3, 2011 they would like to share with all their animal friends and friends of animals around the world.

This morning I awoke and was blessed with a breath and another day to marvel at the amazing experience of yet another day. Dr. Louie and I went out for our morning routine and as we walked out the back door, I looked up and saw an amazing sunrise. I told Dr. Louie we needed to take a time out and enjoy a miracle appearing before our eyes.

As we sat gazing to the East, I heard a word come into my head, just as a Humming Bird landed in the fountain before me. I watched the humming bird drink and bathe, with a back drop of the sun rising in the East. The word came again and again. Finally I went inside and picked up my Ipad and returned to my bench before the fountain.

Over a period of 30 minutes a poem did emerge from with in me, as Dr. Louie sat next to me snoozing away with not a care in the world.

I would like to share this poem with all who wish to hear what a Humming Bird singing Namaste created in me.

Please pay this forward and listen to what the animals have been teaching us for eons.


Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie

Namaste My Animal Friends

By Stephen Blake, 12/3/11

 Namaste to all creatures great and small,

You all walk oh so tall.

No day passes without you blessing my way,

With your special teachings that remind me not to stray.

A feline’s loving purr,

Will make anyone’s heart begin to stir.

A puppy’s sweet kiss

Will surely give your heart a joyful skip.

 Who would ever guess,

Sleeping with a warm puppy could help you rest.

Just when you thought you were at your wit’s end,

No worries my friend, a playful kitten does send.

 When your heart is feeling sad,

Your heart needs the touch of a kitten’s soft pad.

These magical footprints upon your heart,

Makes you sure, you will never be apart.

 When you are feeling mad,

Watch your puppy’s tail wag.

Back and forth, to and fro,

In your heart, the answer you know.

 When times get tough,

Your puppy has the answer, he just says ruff, ruff.

A smile upon his face, a gift to you,

All he asks is please love me and you.

 When you feel a big time crunch,

Be a dog and love someone a whole big bunch.

Stretch and breathe and slow down your mind,

Be a dog and don’t worry about falling behind.

 When you feel hurt by a word or unkind deed,

Look into the eyes of your animal friend and you will know there is no need.

Smile, breathe and believe in your animal friend,

For his compassion, love and kindness has no end.

 Do not believe in the doom and gloom,

Listen carefully to our animal friends who know there is a love boom.

The powers to be will tell you to be in fear and flee,

Your animal friends will tell you be fearless and free.

 The time has come for us all to listen and learn.

For it is the animals turn.

To teach us all the true meaning of life,

Compassion, love and kindness are our birth right.

 The animals have made it quite clear,

Why we are all one and all right here.

Their silent words are loud and clear,

Love each other and carry no spear.

 Honor our animal friends and follow their lead,

Remove all greed with the utmost speed.

No animal ever carried a gun,

Melt them down and lets have some fun.

 Walk the walk of a dog, cat, horse or a dove,

Spread their word of unconditional love.

For 50,000 years Mother Earth’s critters have kept us all alive,

Now it is our turn to step up and be wise.

 No more anger, no more fear,

Love and peace are the menu this year.

Do our animal friends proud,

Be kind and do not go along with the crowd.

Compassion, Love and Kindness is the menu for our world

and the animals have been telling us this since the beginning of mankind.

Please pay it forward,

Be the change you wish to see in this world NOW.


Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie

This says it all. SMILE a BIG ONE and BE KIND in EVERY WAY!