This photo was taken May 26, 2007 on Medicine Man’s Birthday in Machu Picchu. 


This photo was taken of me when I visited Machu Picchu for the first time on my 60th spin around the sun, lucky me. I was blessed to be kissed by my llama sister and then my life changed forever in a VERY GREAT WAY.


A Poem by Dr. Stephen Blake. A World of Me and You. A Meteor showed me the way. :O)

last night was amazing. The sky over San Diego was covered with thick clouds. I visualized holes opening in the clouds so I could see the show. Guess what happened? Around midnight holes in the clouds appeared and meteors were to be seen. I…watched in AWE until about 1 AM and then hit the sack. I awoke a few hours later, ran out the door and this poem came to me as a entered yet another amazing day.

Please pay it forward and make today a great day.

Doc and Doc

A World of You AND Me

By Stephen Blake 12/13/12

In my world of dreams, I heard a knock upon my doo,r

Slowly I opened my eyes and it was four, four, four.

I heard a silent voice call my name,

“Stephen, get out of bed and let’s play the game”


With a Big Smile upon my face,

I jumped out of bed, down the stairs I did race.

I ran out the door, into the night,

Guided by my soul, shining so bright.


I paused in wonder, at the sight of my breath,

In that beautiful moment, I knew there was no death.

I raised my eyes to the skies of the night,

All my brothers shown oh so bright.


Pillows of white, floated upon the night,

Across the blackness, I was gifted many Meteorites.

Like magic, they came from the left and right,

I knew in my heart, this was a very special night.


I heard the Big Dipper call my name,

“Stephen, Smile a big one, come play the game.”

In the blink of an I am,

A meteor flew out of the pan.


I paused in wonder at this mysterious plan,

I knew in that moment I was not born to live in a can.

A free spirit, that would be me,

Born wise, wild and free.


In the stillness of this meteor filled night,

I knew we were all love, peace, wisdom and light.

As I watched my cold breath, I felt a warmth come over me,

I knew in my heart,I would always be free.


Free of anger, fear or greed.

Free to be the Divinity that was surely me.

Born to run upon my mother the Earth,

Born to claim the gifts of my eternal birth.


Into the night I began to run,

I ran toward the east to meet my brother the sun.

Easy, light and smooth, my feet glided over Mother Earth,

I gave thanks to Spirit for my beautiful birth.


The magic of the invisible cold air,

Flowing through my mystical hair,

With each step and blink of my eyes,

Meteors fell from the great sky.


As ran across the stillness of the  land,

I gave thanks for my part in this amazing plan.

I gave thanks for my greatest gift given to me,

I gave thanks for being so happy.


I picked up the pace as I saw my brother the sun,

Winking and showing the me the way to have some more fun.

Silently I heard my brother the sun say to me,

“Stephen, Be the light and you will always be free.”


Sparks flew from my feet as skipped over the Earth,

I was floating on Happy and I was grateful for my birth.

As the last meteor passed over head,

Happiness oh Happiness I cannot wait to see what is up ahead.


Greet each day with a happy heart,

Be grateful for being you and your special part.

In this Dream that is coming true,

A world of Light, peace, wisdom and love,

A world of me AND you.