My dear friend is thinking about the following testimonials on Young Living Essential Oils and told me to share them with ALL who want to learn!

I started using Young Living Essential oils in my personal life and my veterinary practice 17 years ago. I have seen the miracles these oils provide, time and time again in helping animals and people heal themselves. I just got these very cool testimonials I would like to share with all my readers and hope they will consider YLEO in their family health care program.

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Sophie the Mare with Colic

Sandra writes: Just a quick story of what I did with my horse Sophie. I got up in the morning and found her lying down in the paddock. I approached her and usually she would get straight up as she is not very touchy feely horse even though she is very kind. She wasn’t rolling like normal colic, but she was biting her side and I noticed that her stomach was cramping at regular intervals. She stayed laying down for about half an hour. I called the vet but he wouldn’t be here until the afternoon. She wasn’t eating at all. So I grabbed the Peppermint oil (18 drops in V6 oil) and massaged it onto her umbilical region. I also gave her 30mls of Ningxia Red.


20 mins later she was still laying down, so I did another 18 drops of Peppermint oil in V6, and massaged it onto her belly-umbilical region. She got up and started to walk around, then she started eating. I ended up cancelling the vet. I went out for a few hours then came back and she was back to her normal self. Thanks so much to Young Living’s Peppermint oil and NingXia Red!!!


Artemis adds: That’s wonderful Sandra, thanks! And you might next time like to try the Peppermint undiluted on Sophie (ie. without the V6). As soon as you dilute your essential oil in vegetable oil, you greatly reduce its potency (and often this means it takes longer, or takes more, before you see a difference). So in cats or other small animals, I often dilute….but in dogs and horses (and camels and donkeys and goats and sheep and cows), I rarely dilute the essential oil (unless putting it onto sensitive skin areas).


In her Australian equine clinic in 2011, Dr. Melissa Shelton (Holistic Vet) was asked the question, “Can you apply too much oil [to a horse]?” Her answer was as follows: “One person had Choke in a horse, and had given the horse 20 drops of Peace and Calming orally, and it responded. Next time it happened, they tried 2 drops and it didn’t work. So I’ve more often seen that people haven’t used enough oil in a crisis, and that’s why it doesn’t work. We’ve used 20 drops of Peppermint and DiGize, and repeated this, and the horses never seemed bothered.”


I’m not a vet myself, so I learn a lot from people like Dr. Melissa Shelton. I have her Animal Desk Reference, and find it an excellent resource for many different types of animals.


Calming a Horse before a Dental Appointment

Leanne writes: This morning, our mare “Hope” had her teeth done. She traditionally hates having her teeth done, carries on a fair bit, and last year almost took the dentist out against the shed wall! This morning before he got here, I put her in the round yard and gave her some chaff, with a handful of Hops (which sometimes works to calm them, like a glass of beer, but sometimes not. Eg. It didn’t calm her for the farrier yesterday, as she shook her big hooves at him a bit).


The farrier had turned up yesterday with virtually no notice, so I didn’t get the chance to use any oils on her. But today, given that I knew what time the dentist was turning up, I was more organized. Before her appointment, I let her sniff some Valor oil, and then stroked some Valor oil down all four legs, all the way down, and just held my hand there (like with a Valor balance). On the final leg, she gave me a warning leg shake, so then I just stood there with her for a bit. She sniffed the Valor from the bottle a few more times, and seemed to be snoozing.


I was about to do some more, but the Dentist turned up. Hope was very good. She still moved around a bit, but it was the best she’s ever been for the dentist, and he’s done her four other times before. It was very scary the other times too, so this is a big improvement for her!!!


Using Oils and Homeopathics to say Goodbye….Milou’s Story


Allie writes: Recently I farewelled my family dog “Milou”. She was 16 years old. We annointed her with Peace and Calming oil blend just before the Vet came to our house to put her down. She had kidney failure. I then covered her in Transformation oil. She was so calm, and not distressed. It was so beautiful. Along with Arnica 200c and cuddles, kisses and holding her in our arms she went off soooooooo calmly and lovingly. We then sat around for ages, talking about how wonderful she was whilst she lay in her basket for the last time on her special blanket. Later that afternoon we buried her in the garden. We all wore Valor oil blend to give us courage, and took ignatia 200c homoeopathically.


Artemis adds: Allie sent me this beautiful testimonial after she’d read the recent bulletin we’d sent out from Kathleen about her dog, Tamika. I wanted to include it, because I often am asked about what oils can support a loved one as they pass over. The simple answer is, “Whatever oils you are drawn to.” We have 150 or more oils and blends. There is no wrong one to use. Just pick your favourite aormas, or pick the ones that call out to you intuitively. In Allie’s case, it’s great to see how oils can be used in conjunction with other remedies, according to what “calls out” to you. J


Oils to assist with “Floating” a Horse

Victoria writes: I read with interest the account of the horse “Striker” and his Emotional Clearing Technique, and his on-going challenges with floating. My experience with a difficult horse to load has gone from being time consuming to a joy to watch. The oil blend “Grounding” was offered to the mare to inhale, and also drops were massaged onto her chest. The oil application plus gentle handling soon found the mare looking forward to the arrival of the truck for a day of mustering.


Artemis adds: Thanks Victoria – I also have friends who have had fantastic results with sprinkling Lavender oil in the float, prior to loading their horses. Thanks so much for the tip on Grounding Oil. That’s a great suggestion, as my friend Louden was saying to me that everyone who ever pulls a horse float should first try standing in a float while it’s being towed….then they’d understand how slowly you need to drive it, and how “ungrounding” and disorientating it can be for horses. So Grounding Oil seems like a perfect choice to add to the repertoire!!!!


For our US friends….I learned something new after my bulletin about Striker. In Australia, we call a horse trailer a horse “float”. So when we talk about “floating” a horse, we mean that a horse is resisting being loaded onto a horse trailer. J


Using Oils to say Goodbye….Tamika’s Story


Kathleen writes: My beautiful Labrador Tamika went to heaven with the Angels yesterday. It was established with ultrasound that she had liver and kidney tumours that were causing all her discomfort. Our decision to allow her the dignity to end her life in grace was fully supported by my using the oils right up to the end. It is my firm belief that these gifts of God were able to keep her comfortable enough to walk into the vet with her head held high, even tail wagging in appreciation for those around her. On a soul level she was so very grateful for the courage shown on our part.
Your guidance re Spikenard oil at the recent “Helping Animals with Young Living Oils” class was invaluable for me. The strength that was pulled in from all who came in contact with her and me was synergistic. As Mary of Bethany is one of my close guides I learned so very much during my grief of knowing I was losing my girl and I was able to really put all things into perspective, thus coming to the final selfless decision with support of all concerned. (Tamika also received large amounts of Spikenard – nothing too much for our Princess!)

Tamika received Emotional Clearing Technique (as you’ve described in previous bulletins) right up to her final hours, and the peace that provided was invaluable, not only to her but to all those around including the Vet staff. Validation of how these beautiful oils support others by default in allowing releasing and strength. My, how we are blessed!
My kitty has also felt comfortable coming close to us with the use of Spikenard oil. And when I performed the Emotional Clearing Technique on Tamika, kitty came and “indulged” from a safe distance. The photo is kitty on my bed guarding Tamika after the treatment.

So much has happened Artemis, too much to verbalise, but suffice to say that the gift these oils have brought to me is priceless. The connection both on physical and spiritual levels is beyond words. And I just love the fact that we receive without even knowing – a point, I feel that brings a “knowing” smile to Spirit! Thank you again from soul to soul, for your total and invaluable support.


Artemis adds: I shared at the recent animal class that I’ve found a drop of Spikenard oil on my hands to be reasonably well received by cats, because of its earthy smelling aroma. I put a drop on my palm, rub my palms together, and stroke my cats so they receive just a small amount of the oil over their fur. On numerous occasions, I’ve seen them calm down within 5 minutes of application. Spikenard Oil was used by Mary of Bethany to anoint Jesus before his crucifixion, and it was an oil I used to give my favourite Aunt foot rubs with, just prior to her death from cancer. It’s a very sacred, beautiful oil – spiritual and physical at the same time. According to Gabriel Mojay in his book Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, “Spikenard oil’s calming effect on the Mind…..can instill a profound sense of peace….[It] allows us to “surrender”, and, through its serenity and earthy humility, conveys the power of devotion to one’s chosen path.” How beautiful is that!!!

Buddy and the Ducks

Artemis writes: As my experiences working on horses have deepened, I’ve realized that my previous perceptions that “I am here to help you” aren’t quite accurate. Horses are very spiritual beings, and they have as much to teach us in a healing situation as we have to teach them. So I’ve been practicing my “listening” skills, attuning to the horse that I’m partnering with, doing my best to be highly intuitive with my application of oils.


“Buddy” is an ex-racehorse (only 3 months off the track), who was still highly stressed from his time on the race track. This was manifesting through his feeding routine, as he had become highly territorial around his food, eventually lashing out at another pony in the paddock (badly enough that the pony had to be re-homed). Buddy would even stomp his large hoofs right in front of the dogs that shared his property…..a clear “back off” warning around his food (ie. “This is MY food….don’t come near me.”)


His owner Ann invited me to show her how to perform Emotional Clearing on him (see the technique described below). I had Ann’s neighbor and another friend helping, and so it felt perfect to have each of us spend some time with Buddy, switching around who was going to apply the next oil. Often I wouldn’t do that – I’d just have one person connecting with the horse, applying the oils…..but in Buddy’s case, he seemed extremely comfortable to have each of us in his space.


There were times in the session when I felt the “prompt” from Buddy to wander….so he and I would go and sway our way across the paddock, two rumps swinging in the breeze. At one point in the session, when Buddy was at his most relaxed, he took me up to where the neighbour’s dogs were barking at us. Buddie went right up to them, and did a gentle “stare off” with them (ie. he was staring at them, as if pointing to them). Into my mind so clearly popped the thought “These dogs need this treatment!!!”.


So I talked to the owner, and asked about the dogs. They were German Shepherds, and one was highly strung and panting a lot. We applied Joy to each dog’s heart (as that was the oil I had just applied to Buddy)…..and then I thought about AromaLife (a blend which is good for both the physical and emotional heart). So we put some AromaLife on the panting German Shepherd as well. As soon as the oils had gone onto the dogs, they settled down noticeably (much more relaxed, much less panting and sweating). Within a minute of the oils going on the dogs, Buddy turned from his position facing the dogs, and wandered off to the other side of the paddock. “Job done, message received”, I thought. Horses have such a powerful way of conveying their messages, if we only listen.


We completed the remaining oils on Buddy. I wasn’t sure how he’d go, given that it had felt like a very “casual” treatment (ie. lots of paddock wandering interspersed amidst oils being applied, and the 4 of us all contributing to the anointing process).


This took place about 5 weeks ago now, and I phoned Ann the other day to see how Buddy was going. “You know, I feel as though he is still a bit wound up, but not as much as he had been before the treatment,” said Ann. “But the funny thing is that he’s befriended 3 male ducks. He lets them wander in between his legs, eating his food while he’s eating. He even tosses them some food at times. At first I thought to myself that they’d better be careful, because he was so territorial around his food they were likely to get kicked or hurt….but no, he’s so gentle with them. They’ve become friends.”