buddy love on the run
Mr. Buddy Love at 112 years young jogging with his caregiver!
I just got this great email from ONE of my miracle patients, Mr. Buddy Love.. It is an amazing report and he asked me to share his continued saga with all his fans in the world.
Please take a few minutes out of your day to read about ONE of many miracles that happen each day, all we have to do is move our feet and get out of the way and more will surely come our way.
Please share his story and do your best to live a mindful life as my dear friend Buddy Love does with each breath and step he takes.
Oceans of love from Mr. Buddy Love and Dr. Blake
Please pay it forward NOW.
Ubuntu Ubuntu Ubuntu
Dear Dr. Stephen Blake,It will soon be the FIFTH Anniversary of when God led me and Buddy Love to your healthy, lifesaving practice!  That was when Buddy was given a one-month death sentence by his regular Vet, if I didn’t follow the advice of two other Vets (including a Specialist in Dermatology)…  and give him toxic steroids.Instead, thanks to your brilliant TLC, Buddy Love thrived!  His hair grew back, and he looked adorable once again!  But, even with your great remedies, I didn’t think that Buddy Love would live forever…  and based on the average lifespan for dogs, I figured his days would be numbered.  After all, he is over 112 years old!!!Well, I was WRONG!  Buddy Love is getting younger by the day!  Full of energy!  It is truly unbelievable.  He actually breaks into a fast trot every night for the past few weeks, as I do a light jog alongside him.  He is alert, and can break out of a dead sleep to run through the grass even though he is totally blind. BUT he doesn’t have to worry, because his seeing eye person is always close at hand.

Although Ron and I are ready to pack our bags to move to a tropical island or some coastline destination south of the border…  we do not see that happening any time soon.  As a matter of fact, with Buddy’s boundless energy and enthusiasm…  we will probably not be moving for another 10 years!

Well, that is all for today!  Buddy Love enjoys all his remedies, and eats his organic frozen food every day. Even if a pill drops out of his food, he picks it up to eat it.  He also loves drinking from his extra bowl of water, with the three Glutathion patches on the bottom…  and the homeopathic remedy added to the water.

Buddy Love is my personal trainer, and he gives me renewed faith in the amazing healing powers of our body, as long as we supply it with non-toxic solutions.

We hope that you, Doc Louie, and your family have a healthy and happy 2015.  Unless you are off on another adventure, we look forward to seeing you for the FIFTH anniversary!

Love and Peace,

Barbara:) and Buddy Love:)=

Flute in waterfall
Dr Blake playing his flute in a water fall in Sequoia National Forest for his friends the animals.
You can learn about the supplements Dr. Blake used to help Buddy on this web site under Colostrum, Gemmotherapy, I-TDC, Essential oil, Nutrition, vaccines, fleas and ticks, Books and videos by Dr Blake