Another great story about my friends the animals.

One of my phone consultation buddies, Jessie the cat, asked his Mom to write a story about our last phone consultation together. He has suffered from chronic cystitis over the past few years and is doing amazing at this time. When I hear people say animals do not understand what we are thinking or saying, I cannot believe my ears. I have been communicatint with animals all my life and know from my personal and professional life, they understand life better than we do.

Here is the letter she wrote me about our last consultation and I would like to share it with you all. I dedidicate this story to all my animal friends and animal caregivers around the world. Please share this beautiful story with all you know and ask them to do the same.

“Doctor Blake, Jessie and I were on the phone together in the telepathic heart flow. This is a normal type of communication, which the human race will birth into, with more and more depth. Thoughts travel from each heart at the speed of light which allows beings to cooperate with each other in a mutual beneficial healing or upliftment.”

We come to understand that conversation is sourced ONE benevolence that includes us all.

Each time Dr. Blake began to ask a question Jessie was already responding in body language. For example, Dr. Blake wanted to know if Jessie tended to especially scratch or lick the base of his spine at his root chakra. Right as Dr. Blake was asking on the phone, Jessie was already licking the base of his spine/root chakra. Jessie was emphatically making sure that he was angled, so my main view would be this. Dr. Blake asked if Jessie wanted to tell him something, when Jessie was in another room. Jessie came right in and bent back his ear to show Dr. Blake that he had some interference in the ear-kidney meridian.

Next Jessie began to answer the questions a second before they were asked. He sat in like a dancer with his legs straddled in a V and his back bent over his legs. He began to lick his right thigh. This happened a spilt second before Dr. Blake asked about the thigh.

We will find this happening more and more in the new era, as teachers and students learn that the teacher and student are one, as doctors and patients discover that the doctor and patient are one and as Yeats implied, we come into awareness that there is no difference between the dancer and the dance. We are sourced by one Love.

Dr. Laurie Moore and Jessie

Thank you all for listening and paying it forward.

Dr Blake