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  "The Person who says it can not be done, should not interupt the person doing it !"  

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Current Newsletter

April 2002

Dear Fellow Crusaders:

          Another month has come and gone. I pray all of you are safe and sound. The best news for me is I finished my book and sent it to my editor in New Zealand. Yea. When we get to the final product I will let everyone know about it, I promise. Information will on my book will be published on my website 

         I have included my favorite picture from my trip to New Zealand with this mailing. I call it A leap of Faith for Holistic Veterinary Medicine. I hope you all enjoy it. Thought for the day: Never be afraid to try something new. Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic.

         I wanted to share this article that came across my desk and have you all pay it forward. It is in regard to over vaccination and it showed up in the Houston Chronicle. An excellent example of where you guys are all heading and I am proud that you are sticking to your guns on this very important subject. I have included the article about Autism again just to make sure everyone remembers to pay it forward. This could save a lot of children from suffering from vaccinosis.  Leading British Autism Doctor Vicitimized 12/22/01  and a site to support our right of free choice about vaccination. This research just came out last month on the possible relationship of cancer to Polio vaccine. SV40, Polio Vaccine, and Cancer: Now Beyond Coincidence? 4/27/02   Here is another excellent article on the cover up by the government of Japan on the dangers of MMR vaccines Here is also the current information on recommendations for vaccinating cats and dogs. I personally feel that if you can avoid vaccination, that this is the best way to go. This is dependent on the fear tolerance of the caregiver and risk factor to the animal based on the environmental risks in their area.   Here is an excellent site for understanding about the antibody theory of vaccinations This helps you to better understand the fallacy of tittering and true immunity evaluation.

        I have some exciting news to share with all of you. Gemmotherapy! I have included a website for you to get up to speed on it. This is a modality invented by the French over 20 years ago. I have been aware of it for that length of time but had not done anything with it because of the difficulty of getting in the United States. It is now available and has FDA approval for its use. To learn more about it go to  I have been using this form of therapy on my good friend Mia, a 15 year old Chow who doesn't like male veterinarians but loves me. Lucky me because without her trust we couldn't have lasted over two years working together. She was supposed to die over two years ago according to the specialists. Wrong. Healthier than ever but it took a lot of hard work. Her congestive heart failure is no more and her chronic respiratory disease is a thing of the past. We feel that the Gemmotherapy was an important part of her being able to make the miraculous recovery she has been blessed with. I will be sharing more about this after my next lecture in LA with Dr. Marcus Greaves, MD, an expert in this field, in the up coming months.

       I had a very interesting experience with the essential oil Frankincense this past month. I had a new patient with a large tumor on her leg that she was considering having a surgeon remove. She consulted with me as to what her alternatives were to surgery. As part of her treatment protocol, I had her use a dilution of Frankincense 30 drops to an ounce of water and massage a few drops daily to the tumor. Within a month the tumor had decreased in size by 50%. The beauty of Frankincense is that it is antifungal, antitumoral, antibacterial and antiviral. This is an excellent oil to use on any growth or compromised immune system. 

      Since we are in flea season, everyone panics because of their fear of the fleas attaching their pets. Wrong. The only reason fleas infest an animal is because of the animal's susceptibility to the flea. A healthy animal will naturally repel the flea. Believe it or not you do not need Advantage, Spoton, Frontline,etc to keep your pet flea free. Kathleen Dudley's article in the Whole Dog Journal Are "Spot-On" Flea Killers Safe?  is an excellent source of information on why we should all be concerned about these products. Not only for the safety of our friends the animals but our children and ourselves. Here is an article I wrote on fleas to share with all who will listen.

Natural Flea Control : Dr. Stephen Blake

      This message comes from the flea capital of the United States, San Diego. I have been here for 29 years and have had to become a flea expert to avoid the uses of chemicals which nearly killed me over 20 years ago ;(

     First of all when you are having a flea problem, there are two factors that are most responsible for them getting a foot hold in your homes.

       The first of these is the immune factor. An animal that is healthy will naturally repel parasites and they will seek greener pastures.  Feeding a natural diet and no vaccines are good ideas but there are other considerations. Hereditary or miasmatic conditions are common in 90%+ of all domestic animals. I would first look at them from a homeopathic evaluation and try to determine if there is any sign of chronic disease. If there were symptoms I would prescribe accordingly. Simple nutritional supplements which will help to maximize their immune systems would be bovine colostrum more information at my website. This may also help with the tapeworms but to be honest with you all these little guys can be difficult to get rid of. One product that I have heard has cleared many of my patients is (Parastat 1-800-370-3447) herbal wormer for all internal parasites.

      The second part of the puzzle is the environment. If the energy of the home has any disharmony in it, (nothing personal) but this can weaken the immune system also. Make sure everyone is as content as they can be and open with each other so the animals do not stress over their over concern for you. I often have my clients make a mixture of the following Bach flowers and spray it around the house to help Detox negative energy from the environment. Walnut, Crabapple, Holly, Wildrose and Wildoat. The fact that fleas spend 95% of their life on the host means that cleaning them up will rid you of the majority of your problems. Bathing with any natural shampoo that kills them on contact due its saponification properties should work. I have used natural dish soap and found it to kill them as well as anything. I have the owners follow up with a Frankincense/Eucalyptus rinse consisting of one drop Frankincense and one drop of Eucalyptus per ounce of water and spraying this on the dogs after they are dried off. You can also spray them with this any time they are going into an area that is flea infested to help repel the fleas. I have found that if you steam clean or rent a rug doctor and clean with Simple Green (You may want to try this on carpet out of sight so that just in case it discolors your carpet you will not be mad at me;) you will kill all of the adult fleas immediately. When the carpets are completely dry, put a mixture of 1 part Borax salts to 3 parts Salt and rake it into all carpeted areas of the house. Leave for a week and then vacuum as you would do normally. This treatment will last years from my experience.

     Good luck and remember "No wolf ever went to a chemical plant for a flea repellent!" Dr Stephen Blake.

Good news about the stopping of the drilling in Alaska. Here is a website that lists how your elected officials voted on this very important piece of legislation Environmental Defense Action Network.  I have included a great site for making your word heard by our elected officials in Washington. All of us should have one common goal in mind when we think of the environment. We are the caretakers of the environment our children and grandchildren will inherit from our actions. Help End Environmental Setbacks!  

Take the time to join and pay it forward.

Special Health Advisory on Immunity and Aging:
New Discovery on the Chinese Wolfberry

- D. Gary Young - May 15, 1998

      I have shared with you guys about Berry Young Juice, which is an excellent source of Chinese Wolfberry. While I was in New Zealand I was without this amazing nutrient for over 3 weeks time. I noticed as the time passed my energy levels were not as good and my hair started to become gray. I know you guys are going to say it was because of the BUNGEE JUMPING but that was toooooo much fun to cause this to happen. Since I have been back home for 6 weeks and on my Berry Young Juice, my hair has gotten darker again and my energy is much stronger. To learn more about this amazing berry go to my website on oils  and learn more about it.  Here is some good information on Wolfberry Written by Dr. Young for you to read and share. Special Health Advisory on Immunity and Aging:
New Discovery on the Chinese Wolfberry

- D. Gary Young - May 15, 1998 Why do people living in the West Elbow Plateau inner Mongolia have a life expectancy is well over 100 years? The story began five years ago when Professor Chao visited me at our Riverton office. He was on the specialty teaching and information gathering assignment from the Natural Science University in Beijing, China. He had heard of the central oils and was fascinated by their potential.

As we started discussing the medical properties of the central oils, to Tony over another powerful but an uncle that have been used for centuries in inner Mongolia lead had only recently been researched. It was called in the Chinese Wolfberry (also known by its Latin name, Lycium Barbarum, or colloquial name, "goji berry"). the people who consumed this fruit apparently lived free of common diseases like arthritis, cancer in and it diabetes. Moreover, their life expectancy has reached over 100 years.

Both the Wolfberry and ginseng have been highly regarded for centuries as the foremost in nutritional and therapeutic plants in China. In fact, the Chinese hold a strong belief that human life might be extended significantly by using either of these herbs for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, ginseng is considered too strong for continuous use, and large amounts may not be suitable for people with high blood pressure or heart disease. On the other hand, the Wolfberry is much milder, with no known risk from continuous use.

The Chinese Wolfberry contains 500 Times More Vitamin C than seen than Oranges!

In 1988, the Beijing Nutrition Research Institute conducted detailed chemical analysis and nutritional composition studies of the dried Wolfberry fruit. What they discovered was stunning. The Wolfberry contain over 18 amino acids (that is six times higher in proportion than bee pollen), 21 trace minerals, more beta carotene than carrots and an astonishing 500 times more vitamin C by weight than oranges. It is also packed with vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B6 and vitamin E.

Perhaps this is why the Chinese have traditionally attributed so many benefits to the Wolfberry, claiming it protects liver function, replenishes vital essences, improves the visual acuity, and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. The Wolfberry was also said to strengthen muscles and bones, stimulate the heart and work as an aide to treat diabetes and impotence. The big question was: Could these results be substantiated in controlled studies using modern chemical analysis?

Two Amazing Modern Studies

From July 1982 to January 1984, the Ningxia Institute of Drug Inspection conducted a pharmacological experiment using multi-index screening (register number 870303), their conclusion was:

The fruits and pedicels of Wolfberry were effective in increasing white blood cells, protecting the liver and relieving hypertension. The alcoholic extract of Wolfberry fruits inhibited tumor growth in mice by 50%, and the protein of Wolfberry displayed an insulin like action that was effective in promoting fat decomposition and reducing blood sugar.

Another clinical experiment by the Ningxia Institute (Register Number 879306, October 1982 to May 1985) studied the effects of Wolfberry on the immune, physiological and biochemical indexes of the blood of aged volunteers. The results were amazing, indicating that the Wolfberry caused the blood of older people to noticeably revert to a younger state.
Can the Wolfberry Boost Immune Function?

According to a report of the State Scientific and Technological Commission of China, the Wolfberry contains compounds known as Lycium polysaccharides, which appeared to be highly effective in promoting immunity. These results were validated in a number of clinical trials.

In one study on a a group of cancer patients, the Wolfberry triggered an increase in both lymphocyte transformation rate and white blood cell count (measures of immune function). Unhealthy levels of titer of serum antibodies have long been associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also known as Epstein Bar). Does this mean that Wolfberry could be used as a weapon against Epstein Bar? The possibilities are intriguing.

In another study, consumption of Wolfberry lead to a strengthening of immunoglobulin A levels (an index of Immune function). Because the declining immunoglobulin A is one of the signs of aging, an increase in these levels suggests that the Wolfberry may enable injured DNA to their repair itself and ward off tissue degeneration.

Is the Wolfberry a Powerful Antioxidant?

As we grow older, the levels of lipid peroxide in our blood increase, while levels of health protecting antioxidants, like super oxide the Dismutase (SOD), decrease. In a clinical study of people who consumed doses of Wolfberry, SOD in the blood increased by a remarkable 40% while hemoglobin increased by 12%. Even better, lipid peroxide levels dropped by a whopping 65%.

Does the Wolfberry Protect Eyesight?

A test was conducted on the effects of Wolfberry on eyesight. 27 people were tested and showed the a dramatic improvement in both dark adaptation and vitamin A and carotene content of their serum (measures over eyesight acuity).

      It also contains a high concentration of the branched-chain amino acid L-leucine, Leucine is an essential amino acid that we do not make in our bodies, so we can only get it from our diet. Is present in small quantities in both plant and animal food and is a natural component of sort breast milk.

But Leucine is regarded as more than just an essential amino acid: It also supports the immune function, burns fat and builds muscle. How? because Leucine forms on the building block of every unique compound called HMB (Bet-Hydorxy beta-methylbutyrate). Through its phenylpopanoid activity, the Wolfberry helps convert Leucine into HMB.

What makes HMB such a breakthrough in health maintenance?

According to noted researcher, Richard Passwater, Ph.D., HMB showed that it lowered the total and LDL cholesterol levels in blood and helped strengthen the Immune System while building muscles and burning body fat. This news is certainly of interest to body builders and other athletes, but it may also become of interest to cancer, AIDS and muscular dystrophy patients.

   This is my last comment for this month. Are the testing we are doing for cancer doing any good or are they causing HARM? Here is a recent article on Mammograms Expert Panel Cites Doubts on Mammogram's Worth 2/16/02  that will open your eyes to the high levels of S. W. A. G.  associated with mammograms. To Pap Smear or not to Pap Smear that is the question. Read this and make your own mind up. CDC Says Annual Pap Smears May Do More Harm Than Good 12/3/00.

      All of this information is not to make you frustrated but to open your minds so you will be able to make choices in how you and your pets live your lives. When you feel fear entering your day, remember this quote and feel it in your heart. "When Fear knocks at my door, I ask Faith to help me open it and when we open it together, no one is there!" Dr. Stephen Blake

Make today a great day.

Dr Stephen Blake