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  "The Person who says it can not be done, should not interupt the person doing it !"  

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March 2004

What is Saint Dog telling us today?

I am sure you are all aware of the fact that DOG is GOD spelled backward and that is no accident. When you have a question about life, sit down with the experts and listen to their teachings. In my last newsletter I spoke of my visit with the whales in Baja, Mexico and how much I learned about being in touch with nature, which is the same as being in touch with the animal kingdom.

I had the good fortune to meet a fellow time traveler named Mary Getten, also known as the Orca Lady. She is an animal communicator who has dedicated her life to helping animals and has been blessed with the ability to communicate with them on a very high level. As she put it, she lives  on an island where there isn't a single traffic light. Now doesn't that sound like "Heaven" to you guys, it sure does to me.

My tent roommate George, gave me a copy of Mary's book as a present to me for being his tent mate who did not complain about his snoring and for writing my book The Pet Whisperer . I promptly asked Mary to autograph it and went on my merry way communing with whales. It wasn't until I got back home to San Diego that I read what she had written inside her book. "Steve, Just open up your big heart and listen."

After reading her comment I immediately started reading excerpts from her book, Communicating with Orcas, each night before going to sleep. It is from this book that I realized what it was I was feeling down in Baja being in the presence of 300 whales. They were communicating to me what  life is all about and brings us to the

Fourth Commandment according to Saint Dog.
Our primary reason for being is to experience living.

Saint Dog knows why he is here on this planet and that is totally focusing on being instead of doing. I have never seen a dog who turned his nose up to a good pile of feces because he knows how to learn from everything he experiences. When he goes on a walk with his caregiver, he is not out to count his heart rate, number of steps he has taken or how fast he can complete the outing but rather to enjoy every event that comes his way.

You never see him making sure he is walking faster than others on his walk or trying to hurry around someone in front of them so they can get one dog length ahead of the other dogs on the freeway of life. He never experiences road rage when traveling down the road of life and I have never heard of Saint Dog shooting a fellow traveler for getting in front of him on the roadway. When he has to eliminate he does not hold it because he has a hot date and cannot take the time to enjoy one of the creator's great gifts of life which is the elimination of waste material from your body.

I have found that when I go for a walk if I take Rescue remedy and rub Release (Young living Essential oil blend) on my third eye and on top of my head, that I am more in the moment. The other trick I use is from my number 3 rule of life; Slow down your thoughts and physical being by 10% so you can be in the NOW. By doing this you will find that you will be able to follow Saint Dog's Fourth Commandment.

Each of us can honor Saint Dog by practicing his commandments each and every day no matter where you are. No matter where you live, you can be in touch with nature by slowing down. By slowing down you will  notice the beauty around you. This can be the smile of a fellow traveler, the wind caressing your face, the clouds above, a leaf of grass or the smallest of creatures crawling along the ground. By doing this you will truly be practicing the Fourth Commandment according to Saint Dog.

Here I sit upon this stone wondering what it is I can share with my fellow time
travelers that will make their journey as gentle as possible.

This picture was taken in Arizona when I was attending an advanced course in Veterinary Homeopathy and I wanted to share some of my experiences I had on this wonderful journey that you can all use to help your lives. The most important thing to remember is, "do not miss out on the joy of the process of what you are doing  by being too busy in the doing."

First of all I have found that life is a wonderful opportunity to enhance one's knowledge and wisdom. Albert Einstein said it best, "Knowledge is limited, but imagination encircles the world." It is through our imagination and observation that we gain wisdom. "Knowledge comes from study, wisdom from observation." My advice to all who will listen is to be the best observer you can be and as honest about what you observe. "A scientist is he or she who seeks truth for truth's sake not for personal gain."Make sure you are honest with yourself in what ever you do and that it is coming from your heart.  By doing this, your journey through time will be a gentle one.

Now that I have swooned you with all my Shaman mumbo jumbo lets get down to having some fun in health care. The first thing I would like to share with you all is what can you do to survive in a toxic world. Just in case you haven't noticed lately, that toxic cloud is now at 14,000 feet. Unless you want to live on a very high, barren mountain top, you better figure out how to make it in a less than pristine world.

My first advice to all of you is do not worry about the toxins. What did he just say? You heard me correctly, worrying about it is not going to make it any better and will only hasten your demise. Your adrenal glands will not be happy and will let you know by crashing and leaving you in a very unhealthy state. Which then sets you up for the big "C" or some microbe who has been looking for a vacation home to set up housekeeping in. This does not mean you are not going to try and do something about it but worrying is not the answer. There are many organizations out there that would love to have you volunteer or donate money to help lobby against the destruction of our planet. Be proactive but do not worry! I hate to break it to all of you but 24/7 worrying will not save one tree and will only get you in the ground quicker. I have several websites on my website under services to give you some areas I like to support.

The obvious starting point is with Avoidance. Get a good water filtration system and use that water for you and your animals. Eat better foods and you can very simply detox the foods you are eating. You can take one drop of pure essential oil Lemon to one ounce of water and soak your meat or vegetables in it for 15 minutes, rinse and this will help remove chemicals from them. You can do the same with your drinking water when you are out at a restaurant by putting several drops in your water stir it up and then drink through a straw and leave the film on top with the chemicals. As you all know by now, do not get vaccinated for anything. You can read more about this on my website under services/vaccinations.

What can you do about the air you breath? Not a whole lot but you do have some things that you can do in your homes, offices and cars. You can use a hepa air filter in your home and office to help filter out particulate matter and a negative ion generator to clean the air and increase the negative ions in the air. These are the same ions you experience after a rainstorm, waterfall or at the ocean. They are your friends and help to reduce toxins in the air as well as being antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. I recommend you have this in your sleeping area and where you work to help improve the air quality around you. They have hepafilters in some cars now and you can use a portable ionizer that plugs into your cigarette lighter as well.

Now we come down to what we can do about our organ systems that are being impacted by the toxins in our environment. Lets start with:

Your Lungs ... I have found that by taking Lithy tree at a dose of 5 to 10 drops once per week will help keep toxins from building up in your lungs. If you find you are having lung symptoms, you can increase the frequency to one to four times per day to help the body cure itself.

The organ that does the most for you in the way of detoxification is: Your liver ... All of your blood is filtered through this organ and for this reason, it needs all the help that it can get. I have found Livaplex and Hepatrophin from Standard Process to be very helpful. I dose them at 1 to 4 capsules or tablets per day respectively. The other product that I have found to be very helpful is ,Common Juniper gemmotherapy, which I dose at 5 drops per day for six weeks and then once per week thereafter.

Most of us know that Our kidneys are essential to life and that the body can survive on 1/2 of one kidney. Our goal it to keep as much of the kidney functioning at an optimal level as possible. I have used Renafood at a dose of 1 to four per day, which is produced by Standard Process and can be very helpful in nourishing the kidney tissue. My other favorite is Common Juniper Gemmotherapy which I use in the same way as I do for the liver.

The fact that we all get around with the help of Our Joints  brings us to our next topic. There is a great deal of stress placed on these tissues and without healthy cells present, you will develop degeneration. I have found that colostrum, Glucosmine Sulfate, Cetyl Myristoleate and MSM can all be very helpful in nourishing these tissues. Symbiotic has a formula called Arthro Pro that contains all four and can be very helpful for maintaining healthy joints. The gemmotherapies I like the most for helping with the detoxification and strengthening them are Mountain Pine and Wild Woodvine.  I dose at 5 drops twice per day until the joints are healthy. After that I recommend going to a weekly dosing schedule.

A major problem I witness is the effect of toxins on the nervous system of the animals and people I see. Pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, heavy metals, vaccines and drugs all have the possibility of penetrating the cells of the nervous system. The presence of these toxins can cause free radical production, inflammation and blockage of cell replication. Autoimmune conditions can also be a result of these toxins grafting onto the nervous tissue, which then may trigger the animal's immune system to think it is not self and attempt to destroy it. I have found Crabapple Bach flowers at a dose of 2 drops per day in drinking water or in food daily will help. My favorite is Lime Tree Gemmotherapy at a dose of 5 drops one to two times per day until I see no need for the remedy and then once per week thereafter.

How about a story about one of my buddies?

After 31 years of treating animals, I have so many stories to share, it is hard to know which one I should write about. Today I would like to share a story about a new friend who I only met a week ago.

It all started with a simple phone call from a Mom who was very troubled by her new friend Max. He had come into her life as a rescue canine who needed a home but had a bad reputation for biting. She was very concerned that her new friend may not be able to stay with her because of the danger he presented to her and her guests. She saw the sweet puppy within him but in the blink of an eye he could turn on her and frighten her.

At the time I was still not taking many new patients and considered not seeing him due to all Charene and I were going through. After hearing Max's story, I knew we had to meet and at least try something to save his place in this loving family.

When the day came, I was surprised to see two smiling people escorting a 30 pound, 4 month old boxer mix, charging up the walk to our home. Max was smiling and wagging his tail in anticipation of meeting his new friend, Dr. Blake.

As I escorted Max into the my little office, I noticed he was starting to get a little hyper but was still friendly. No sooner had I started asking questions, did he started to get agitated and eventually tried to bite his new Mom. It was not a fierce attack but rather an aggressive move that could elevate rapidly into a dangerous situation. I gave him some Rescue remedy, Lime Tree, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Wild Oat and Chestnut bud which helped him to settle down but within a short time he was having trouble focusing and started showing his ADHD tendencies again. We had been working for over an hour and it became very apparent to me that the early vaccines he had before adoption had triggered this behavior.

I decided upon Merc Viv 200C to be his first homeopathic treatment and told his Mom we needed to wait and see. I sent him home with Common Juniper to detox his liver, Lime tree to detox and calm his nervous system and colostrum to help his immune and digestive system.

As Max, his Mom and friend left, I felt that we needed to see some change in this little guy very soon or his condition would deteriorate and he would have to be separated  from his family. No sooner had this thought crossed my mind, then I saw him look back at me and give me a big smile and a hardy tail wag. In case you all do not know what this means in dog talk, it means thanks for listening.

After four days I got an urgent call about Max and I was hoping that he had not hurt anyone and that he was on his way to being the happy puppy he once was. His Mom started by saying his itching was a lot worse but I have to tell you that there has been a miracle in our home.

I wasn't sure what she was going to say but I hoped to here the real Max was back. She was so happy she could hardly get the words out because of her joy. He had changed over night and everyone who knew him before his treatment, asked who the new dog was. Now he was calm, no biting and a real joy to have around. There were no biting episodes and he was communicating with his family in a calm manner which was his true nature.

Her last words to me were," thank you for listening and helping our dear friend Max to heal." I thanked her and told her that he was a very sensitive little guy who could not handle vaccines or chemicals and we needed to make sure he avoided both.

I wish all of the behavior cases I see responded as dramatically as Max did but it gives others hope that there are ways to try and help them. Max has more work to do and will continue to be on a detox program to support the healing process he must go through each and every day.

Here is a site   Critter Fixer Pet Hospital, Inc. T: Duration of Immunity   which is an excellent site for learning more about vaccine research that Ronald D. Schultz, Professor and Chair Department of Patho-biological Sciences School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison has compiled. 

I would like to have you all pay forward my newsletter to all that will listen.
Thank you for paying it forward and making today a great day.

OAO, Dr Blake