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  "The Person who says it can not be done, should not interupt the person doing it !"  

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November 2004

 We have walls! Boy are we Happy!

As you can all see, the Blakes have more walls up and we are very excited! The only thing missing is the swamp that now surrounds our house since the rain returned to San Diego after a year of drought. Charene and I are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It has been a lot of work and heartache but we are on our way. This picture was taken on October 4 th , and now we are getting the roof constructed with the hope of having it completed by the end of November.

We are both getting very excited at the thought of getting back home next spring, weather permitting. This rebuilding process is a full time job for Charene and me. We want to thank those of you who remembered the anniversary of our home and office loss on October 26, 2003

Quotes for the month

"The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue."

"Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful."
-Ann Landers

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."
-Will Rogers


News flash from the Pet Whisperer via Dr. Christian Blake's Health Central!

Dr. Christian Blake says we need to do our part to protect Mother Earth and all the creatures that live upon her surface. He feels that if we do not takes steps to protect Mother Earth and all life that lives upon her back, there will be no clean air to breathe, no fresh water to drink and no beauty to behold in our environment.

If you want to learn more and do your part, please check out this site to make a difference in the world in which we live. .


Dr. Blake's Story of the Month.

I recently received a very sad email about a beautiful little puppy named Ruby. Her story begins as a very happy entry into a loving family with a little girl getting her first puppy. It was love at first sight by all who saw her smile and active little tail wagging to and fro.

She was given all the love and care a puppy could want. Her health was excellent and she was full of life. The family wanted the very best for her and arranged a visit for her first wellness check at their local veterinary hospital.

Ruby's Mother and new little human sister loaded up the family car and headed out for her first checkup. When she arrived at the hospital she was happy to see everyone and was greeted with kindness and affection.

Her new little sister held her close and prepared to go into the examination room for her checkup.

She was examined and deemed to be a healthy puppy ready begin her long life with her new family. At this point her new veterinarian informed them that Ruby was ready for her first set of vaccinations. Ruby's sister was a little nervous but trusted that all would be fine and that she would soon have her little Ruby back home safe and sound.

The vaccine was administered and all was well. As they prepared to leave the hospital Ruby began to tremble and her eyes glazed over. Suddenly, what had started out to be a happy moment was now an emergency and Ruby was going into shock. Ruby's little sister started to cry and her Mom was frozen with fear.

The veterinarian and his staff reacted immediately, implementing emergency treatment to reverse the anaphylactic shock she was going into. They rushed her into the treatment area and administered emergency measures to try to stop the severe immune reactions Ruby was exhibiting to the vaccine.

Little sister and Mom waited patiently in the lobby praying that their dear friend would be back with them. After an hour the veterinarian came out with a sad look on his face. The words they heard coming from his mouth were unbelievable and they could not believe what he was saying.

She had died and they had done everything they could to save her. He explained that this was a rare situation and that he was sincerely sorry for their loss.

What had been a happy little family was now gripped with grief and sadness for the loss of their dear friend. A healthy puppy had died as a result of an elective procedure. This is every veterinarian's or pet caregiver's worse nightmare.

Ruby's Mom had written me about their loss and asked my advice in this matter. I had explained that this is a rare situation, just as her veterinarian had done so before me. More commonly, dogs and cats develop chronic disease conditions from vaccines, rather than sudden death, as was the situation with Ruby. Runny eyes, chronic ear infections or ear discharge, lethargy, slow mental and physical development, ADD, ADHD or Autistic behavior, dull hair coat, itchy skin, convulsions, loosened ligament and connective tissue, irritable bowel disease, urinary and reproductive disease conditions, etc. are some of the typical symptoms that can be attributed to vaccines.

This is her last communication with me that I would like to share with you all.

The vaccine was multivalent (they refer to it as 7-in-1). Coincidentally, I did receive a call from a Dr. Bennett Achigbu, from Shering Plough, the manufacturer of the vaccine. He was sorry to hear about my loss and if I write them a letter explaining what happened; as well as, a receipt for Ruby, they are willing to compensate me. Of course that doesn't bring Ruby back. On the other hand, they are also wanting me to sign a waiver not holding them liable. It sounds a little fishy to me. The vet here told me Shering Plough would send a report after extensive testing of that particular lot of vaccine. Of course, there was no mention of the report.

My feelings are that we as a profession are responsible for alerting our clients to the potential side effects of vaccines and to allow them the opportunity to decide if they wish to vaccinate and which vaccines they want their pets to have. You can read about core vaccines and recommendation in my September 2004 newsletter. My advice to all is to educate yourself and stand your ground on what is to be done to your animal friends. If you request a single dose of distemper or parvo to be given, ask to read the vial and witness the drawing and administration of the vaccine, because mistakes are made and only you can prevent them by not assuming that your vet is properly administering what you requested.

Dr. Christian Blake's tip of the month!

Longevity and Vitality in a Bottle

If you want to be as strong, cute, smart and able to treat a Great Dane with an activator like me, read the following information.

The power of Ningxia wolfberry juice combined with some of the world's most powerful juices is what makes Berry Young Juice an indispensable part of a healthy, energetic life. Today, more and more people feel fatigued and ill. Because of the increased use of toxic chemicals in our planet, our bodies are constantly being bombarded with catastrophic chemicals that weaken our strength and energy. In addition, the debilitating effect on our bodies is due to the nutrient depletion of the soil, which has left our produce deficient in vital elements and has lead to deficiencies in our bodies. It is more vital than ever to start including the right nourishment in our diets. Berry Young Juice is the simplest and surest way to protect and replenish our bodies in a way that nothing else can. New clinical lab results show that Berry Young Juice is the most powerful natural antioxidant juice in the world!

If you want to know more about what Drs. Christian and Stephen Blake recommend for being the cutest, smartest and healthiest you can be, check this site out You can order this wonderful drink from .

A Kauai Waterfall and pool

For all veterinarians who would like a retreat designed for and by veterinarians in beautiful Kauai. Read on.
January 29th - February 4th,2005

Ask yourself, "Would I like to be here or in my office?" Dr. Ihor Basko and Dr. Stephen Blake will be leading a retreat for veterinarians to help them heal themselves so they can better care for their animal patients. If you would like to learn more about this exceptional opportunity, go to  and learn about what is awaiting you in a magical place called Kauai. Numbers are limited so make your reservations as soon as possible

Doc.,where can I get my RAW food Diet?

Dr. Blake has been eating his RAW food diet for five months as of this printing and is happy to report he is healthier than ever. The only side effect is that he barks more than usual and has a hard time keeping his leg down when he gets near fire hydrants.

For all of you who wonder where my RAW food diet for dogs can be purchased, here is the latest news bulletin. There are a number of stores in San Diego, California now carrying the diet. Make sure you call them and that they are not sold out before you drive there. You can find a listing for all stores in southern California by going to

Last message from Dr Blake for 2004

To all my friends both animal and human, this will be my last newsletter for 2004. My schedule is so full from now until the end of the year that I will not have the time to create another newsletter for December. I will be back on the airways when I return after the New Years.

Just like the movie.... Paying it Forward ...instructs us to help others, the information in this newsletter is to be shared with others, to help them help others.

One of my mentors, Wally Amos,  said it best: "90% of all worries are of the future and 10% of them are of the past. If you live in the present, you have no worries." He also instructs us all, "That is OK to have fun." Whatever you do in this life, have fun doing it and it is no longer work. He also reminds me that we are all here to serve others and love each other.

One of my favorite quotes of Wally's is, "It is always more important to be happy rather than right." When faced with a decision, always keep this in mind and you will find that your choice of happiness will give you a more gentle journey through time.

When working with people and animals, I have found that a smile and a dash of hope is as important as the actual treatment regiment prescribed by the doctor. These are two tools that we all have to give each other each and every day. I have been told by many of my clients time and time again "Thank you for giving us hope, Dr. Blake."

I always tell my caregivers that we should always keep a positive attitude even when the situation seems hopeless. Since we cannot know the future, why not believe it is only going to get better, rather than it is going to get worse. Since animals do not wear watches and care about their lab work and x-rays, do not put these worries on them while they are recovering from an illness.

Always visualize a positive image of your animal friends and do not put your worries about them on their plate. See them happy and healthy, no matter how they may appear to you. The energy of your intent flows into every cell of their little bodies and creates light necessary for them to repair the damaged cells that are the cause of their dis-ease. This intent is a powerful tool which can help your little ones on their journey to returning to health.

Thank you all for listening all these years, and all I ask in return is that you pay forward this newsletter and my website  to at least three people or three lists you really care about. Make today a great day. Happy Holidays and may this letter find you all Happy and Healthy.


Dr. Stephen R. Blake