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  "The Person who says it can not be done, should not interupt the person doing it !"  

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The Pet Whisperer™ November 2008



Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie :O)


It is hard to believe 10 months have passed since 2008 began. As they say, “time flies when you are having fun,” and Dr. Louie and I have been doing our best to do just that. While we were up hiking along our favorite trail, thinking about our favorite Cherokee friend in the East, we wrote the following poem, which we would like to share with you all. Make today a great day and please share our words with all that you know and ask them to do the same. We call this paying it forward.


The Species with a Spear


Dr. Stephen R. Blake


Once long ago,

A species did appear.

It walked on two legs

And it carried a spear.


Beautiful minds,

Were given to all.

Their soul purpose,

Was to always be kind.


With the passage of time,

 This new species,

Forgot how to use,

Their beautiful minds.


Community and trust,

Were replaced with greed and lust.

Instead of, what can I do for my community?

It became, what’s in it for me.


The plants and animals,

Fell to the spear.

Of the new species,

That had just appeared.


The plants and the animals,

Zen masters, them all.

Remember their purpose,

Even as they fall.


The New Species,

Ruled with a heavy hand.

The plants and animals,

Called them Man.


No matter what,

The heavy hand of man,

Does to them,

They will always, understand.


Their words are clear,

To the species with the spear.

Love and compassion will make,

Your beautiful minds soon reappear.


Dr. Blake and his Grandson, Nicholas 9 years old.


Quotes for this month.


The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mystical. It is the source of all true art and science.
- Albert Einstein

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.
- William James

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
- Carl Gustav Jung

The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing knowledge.
- Albert Einstein

Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but usually manages to pick himself up, walk over or around it, and carry on.
- Winston Churchill



Dr. Christian Blake has finally found a diet he can sink his teeth into.



He and Dr. Blake have been ingesting various RAW food diets over the past 25 years ( well at least Dr. Blake has) and they have finally decided on one that meets their needs. The best part about this diet is the natural ground up bones, hormone/antibiotic free meat and wonderful fresh vegetables all mixed in one. The bones between the teeth make it extra good for keeping their teeth and breath, squeaky clean.


The food is freshly prepared, flash frozen and shipped directly to the consumer. One stop shopping is great for the planet and the dogs and cats as well. Go to our new web page  and learn more about this wonderful RAW food diet and how to order it.


Happy eating to your cat and dog from Dr. Christian and Dr. Blake


    Why is Dr. Louie smiling so Big?


You guessed it, he has a new treatment he is getting from his favorite veterinarian, Dr. Blake :O) His new treatment is a Japanese form of therapy, called Jin Shin Jyutsu and is easy and fun to do on both the care giver and the pet. Dr. Blake was lucky to get some treatments from his good friend Grace Waymire, who lives in Truckee California and helps people and animals with the magical form of energy balancing. If you live in the Truckee/Reno/Tahoe area, I would recommend you connect with her for your whole families health. She can be reached at .


She introduced Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie to Adele Leas, who has written an excellent book, Jin Shin Jyutsu For Your Animal Companion. Go to my web site and check out our new page on Jin Shin Jyutsu and how to order her book. 


                                                      Happy Jin Shin to all of you from Dr's. Blake, Christian and Louie.



Even a pig appreciates a kiss and a hug.


This young lady understands what it means to treat all beings with respect, even if the smell and look a little different than your own species. This message is very important for all of to remember in these troubled times. My trip to Peru taught me this lesson in spades.



While traveling with five different Inca Shaman, I was reminded of how important it is for us to stay focused on the positive aspects of our lives, no matter what is on our plate of life. They shared a beautiful belief, I wish to share with you all at this time.


All five of the Shaman responded the same when I asked them," How do you feel about the consciousness of our world today?" Even though they were all from different areas of Peru, they all answered with the same response. "It is the best time in the history of the world we know for collective conscious to be at its highest.


After hearing this five time and celebrating my 60th birthday at Machu Picchu, I knew it to be true and have carried this knowledge in my heart ever since. Each of us are ONE and can collectively create a New Earth with our thoughts and actions. Make today a great day and believe in miracles.


“Miracles happen every day, all we have to do is get out of their way and if we did this each and every day, there would be more of them.” Dr Stephen Blake



What advice is Master Nicholas sharing with his friends?

All I ask of all my human friends, is to be kind to all living things. Make sure your thoughts and actions are always kind and you speak from your hearts. As a young human being, I can tell you all, it is the best way to live life. If each and everyone of us awaken each day and the first thing we focus on is, "Who can we help today?” we will have Heaven on Earth NOW. Walk gently on the rice paper of life and make sure you tell those you care about how much you love them.

All Dr's. Christian, Louie and Blake ask you all to do is share our words with all you know and ask them to do the same. We call this paying it forward.


Dr's. Christian, Louie and Blake