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Current Newsletter

September 2002

Dear Crusaders:

  I am still on the road heading south from Eugene Oregon. The AHVMA Annual veterinary conference was the best ever. I gave three lectures and they were all received with opened minds and no tomatoes were thrown at me. That is always a good sign ;O)

   Dr. Billinghurst gave a very interesting lecture and I was able to share a few thought with him about what we have been doing up here for the past 20 years. He was very open to what I had to say. Dr. Chis Day from England gave an excellent presentation on Homeopathy and blending it with Traditional Chinese Medicine, something I have been doing for the past 20 years. He shared with me the fact that he has less freedom in his country than I do in the Colonies. Sad but true;O(.Makes me appreciate what we have and need to protect. There were many other fine lectures, including me :O) We all had a great time and shared many stories. You can get audio tapes of all the lectures through the AHVMA online and books written by many of the speakers. Use this resource to help promote alternative veterinary medicine.
      We are taking our time getting home after a busy week of conferences, so I can be bright and bushy tailed when I see my animal buddies.

     As you are all aware I have been using more and more Gemmotherapy in my practice over the past year. I want to continue to inform you of what I have observed. I am going to share a few of the remedies with you in this news letter, so you can do some research of your own and learn more about their potential applications. Gemmotherapy page. This is a good page to start with.

    The first one I am going to talk about is Rowan Tree. This is an excellent drainer for the head and neck areas. Excellent for chronic ear/nose/throat conditions or any problems that are effecting this part of the body. I have used it for ringing in the ears, sinus conditions, ear infections, lymphoma, nose and eye discharges. I dose at 1 to 5 drops orally twice per day. If you have a chronic condition with a great deal of pathology, I would recommend diluting one drop in a cup of water and giving one dropper of this dilution once per day. If there is any worsening of the condition, stop and wait until the animal is doing better ant then resume. You continue this until there is no plus or minus effect and then go to 1 drop in 1/2 cup and do the same until you can give a full drop straight. you will continue increasing by one drop until you reach 5 drops with no plus or minus in the case and then reavaluate. This process may take months to detox the patient. Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast!

   The second Gemmotherapy I have most interesting is Rye Grain. This particular Gemmo is excellent draining the liver and the skin. Great for chronic skin conditions. The only problem is that it will push some of the toxins out through the epidermis. This will appear as a negative effect instead of a healing phase of the animals attempt to cure itself. I recommend 1 to 5 drops one to two times per day as long as you do not see aggravation. If this should happen, do the same that I described for the Rowan Tree above. Chronic cases should use the dilution instructions I outlined above from the very beginning. You may also see a great deal of stiffness, which the toxins leaving the joints, which are ruled by the liver you are detoxing. Go slow and alert the client that this may happen and how to handle it. This is a good sign as long as you go slow and look for increase improvement in the well being of the animal. If there is no improvement in the well being of the animal using the protocol I just gave, you have the wrong Gemmotherapy and need to revaluate your patient.

    The third Gemmotherapy I use routinely is Common Juniper. This is one of the most powerful liver detoxing agents I have run across in over 20 years of practice. I have had patients whose lab work looks great after I have helped them detox their livers. As soon as I put them on the Common Juniper they start discharging almost immediately from either skin, ears, eyes, nose or gastrointestinal. I use the same protocols as above but I only give it a night before bedtime to come closer to the 11PM to 3AM window when the liver/galbladder need support. Prepare the client for a possible healing event and make sure they stop so the animal can eliminate the toxins released by the first dose before you repeat the second, third,etc. This is an excellent remedy for chronic eye discharges, since the eyes are the windows to the liver in TCM.

     While I was at the conference I had a young veterinary student approach me and tell me she had a story to share with me. She had gotten hold of some of my writings on colostrum  and was waiting to meet me at the conference before using it. She was presented with some orphan kittens who were exhibiting fading kitten syndrome and dying. She remembered what I had said about the bovine colostrum and decided she had use it or loose the kittens. With in a few days the kittens were doing great and taking a bottle with milk replacement and colostrum mixed into their formula. They were now six weeks old and doing great. The fact that Bovine colostrum is a universal donor to all mammals for colostrum replacement, makes it perfect for helping any mammal's (I have used it on birds also) immune or digestive systems. The kittens will take the colostrum right out of a bowl in the dry form because they like it so much. Unfortunately that enthusiasm is not shared by all cats but is by 99% of Canines. Cats are about 75% tolerant of colostrum either free choice or in their food. The other 25% will tell you to take a hike or the will give you the cold shoulder for life if you continue to try and make them eat it in their diet. The only exception is a critically ill feline where you can gavage them with a mixture of colostrum and water to help jump start their digestive and immune systems to get them strong enough to respond to your other modalities.

     What made me the happiest about my colostrum lecture is the fact that I finally got to dispel the flat earth theory that colostrum is of no use after 48 hours after birth. I must have said that a dozen times in my lecture, so everyone would start thinking in round earth medicine paradigm. After giving many examples and observations on my part the audience was very comfortable with this new concept and were willing to give it a go. That is all I ever wanted was for them to get out of the 48 hours mind set and at least try it. I also had two fellow veterinarian who had been quiet ill thank me for educating them on colostrum a few years ago because it saved their lives like it had done for me.

     Since I am on vacation at this moment, I am going to make this letter short and add just one more story and call it a night.

     Before I left for the conference I had a patient of mine named Mr. J who was ADD to the point that his owner could hardly retrain him if he was excited by a sudden movent or site of another dog. He was very friendly but with his strength, he nearly pulled MS. J's arms out of their sockets when he would bolt.

      He had improved over the past few months I had been working with him but he was still a real handful. On this particular afternoon, I got a chance to see exactly what she had been telling me about. As we were sitting in my front office which is my front porch with two Coleman camp chairs, a neighbor went by walking her small dog. Mr. J went from laying down in front of us to bolting straight up and nearly pulling his caregiver out of her chair. It took all she had to contain him. He was wild with excitement and wanted rush into the street and greet this dog, who would have had a heart attach if this 50 pound Ausie came rushing up to her not to mention the poor neighbor.

      After he she passed and he settled down, I had a chance to make some observations which led me to his next homeopathic prescription. I gave him a dose of Phos CM which is excellent remedy for Rabies miasm when all of his symptoms fit the remedy, which look much like this ADD picture I have been describing. It had only been a half hour before the neighbor came back by my house with a worried look in her eyes. This time he stood up, did not pull at all but was in a stay position and barked but stopped when his caregiver gave him a stop command. We both looked at each other in disbelief. Not only did he react more normally but he was 100% calmer.

        I have seen this many times before but every time I see it I am amazed at how effect a correctly selected remedy can be. He was also on an Essential Oil blend called Peace and Calming  and the Billinghurst BARF diet. Unfortunately these had not been enough by themselves to clear the Rabies Miasm that was the deeper chronic disease state that was blocking the healing effects of these supplements. I also have him on Lime tree a gemmotherapy for detoxing, regenerating and calming the nervous system. I will keep you posted on his progress next month. I will also bring you up to date on Opie and Alida's progress. Please keep them all in your prayers.

"It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."
- Harry Potter.

I hope you all enjoyed the read and will pay it forward. Thank you all for listening and caring.

Dr Stephen Blake