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  "The Person who says it can not be done, should not interupt the person doing it !"  

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September 2003

For those of you who have not gone to my new website , I have a tips of the month section at the bottom left side of my home page. I have been getting emails from readers who were not aware that they could click this and get tips on how to take care of common problems with their pets. Please check it out and also I take the time to write me at if you want to ask me general questions, not diagnostic ones and I will pick one per month and answer it for all to share. Thank you all for listening and paying it forward.
    Over the past 30 years I have discovered that every animal I have cared for was there to be a teacher to its caregiver and me. If you listen carefully to what the caregiver shares with their animal friends, you find that they are often talking about themselves. Some times they are aware of it and some times they discover it as we work through the case together.

    You might be wondering what this has to do with keeping your best friend healthy and happy. The answer is "It is the most important part of helping the healing process!"

     The Germans say it best "Aug Flugeln des Gesanges," ..."On the wings of a song." In other words the Wings of the song are the words that the animals sing to us each and every day. All we have to do is listen and do what they say. Basically they are here to take care of each of us.
New Flu Vaccine, Is It Safe?
     One perfect example is the fact there have been at least 50 generations of dogs who have been raised under the over vaccination policy we are currently following. The side effects of these vaccines is extensive and well documented. What is the song they are singing about vaccines? They are showing us the ill effects so that we do not make the same mistakes with us and our future generations to come. In other words, they have let us make our mistakes on them, so they can teach us what not to do to our selves.

       There is a big push right now on all the major networks about the flu and the need to get vaccinated.  I normally do not print entire articles but this one I feel should be kept in tact because it is so serious it needs to be paid forward as fast as possible by all that read it. I encourage all of you to pay this one forward as quickly as you can because time is running out. The article is from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D. O.  New Medical Awareness Seminars.
    "MedImmune, the manufacturer of FluMist, recently announced that it
signed an agreement that makes FluMist, the new intranasal influenza vaccine,readilyavailable to people as they shop at Wal-Mart, the worlds biggestretailer."

    (1) As the physician in charge of a bustling Integrative medical clinic, questions about vaccines frequently arise. After reading about the MedImmune-Walmart announcement, I felt compelled to warn our patients and Internet subscribers of the potentially serious complications that may come from direct and passive exposure to this new vaccine. I also wanted to give a "heads up" to everyone regarding the onslaught of advertising that is about to besiege us.

     Hundreds of TV and print advertisements have been designed to persuade everyone into taking the FluMist plunge. The campaign will be the "most intense, direct-to consumer marketing campaign ever waged for a vaccine," costing an estimated $25 million over the next 2.5 months.

    (2) In addition, Wyeth, MedImmune's partner, plans a three-year, $100 million campaign to encourage use of the nasal flu vaccine among physicians.

    (3)The television arm of the blitz campaign will focus on the "Inconveniences" that your family, friends and coworkers will endure if you don't get the flu shot and subsequently contract the flu. Print advertisements and magazine articles will use scare tactics --similar to those that were used while promoting the smallpox vaccine -- which warn of the high possibility of a "bioterror attack using the flu virus."

    (4)Apparently, the goal seems to center around scaring -- or inducing enough guilt in everyone -- that they begin to demand the vaccine as soon as it is available. And at nearly $70 a dose, this will be a financial bonanza for MedImmune and Wyeth, who are expecting the vaccine to become the blockbuster new drug that will push MedImmune's revenues to more than $1billion/year.

     (5)However, there are many reasons for caution. FluMist contains live (attenuated) influenza viruses that replicate in the nasopharynx of the vaccine recipient. The most common side effects include "cough, runny nose/nasal congestion, irritability, headaches, chills, muscle aches and fever >100F."

      (6) These symptoms are nearly identical to those the flu vaccine is designed to prevent.

      (7) A cause for significant concern is the vaccine's most prevalent side effects: "runny nose" and "nasal congestion." It has been documented that the live viruses from the vaccine can be shed (and potentially spread into the community) from recipient children for up to 21 days

      (8), and even longer from adults.

       (9) Viral shedding also puts breastfeeding infants at risk if mother has been given FluMist.

     (10) In addition to shedding via nasal secretions, the virus can be dispersed through sneezing. What is the normal physiological response when an irritant enters the nasal passages? A sneeze. sometimes a big sneeze. Sometimes several big sneezes. Therefore, the risk for shedding -- and spreading -- live viruses throughout a school, church, workplace, or store, especially one which is administering the vaccine. In the section of the FlumMist package insert labeled "PRECAUTIONS", the manufacturer states the following warning: "FluMist recipients should avoid close contact with immunocompromised individuals for at least 21 days."The warning is specifically directed toward those living in the same household with an immunocompromised person, but the ongoing release of live viruses throughout the community may be a significant risk to everyone who has a weak, or weakened, immune system. The number of immunocompromised people in this country is enormous: It is estimated that at least 10%, or more than 28 million people in the United States have eczema.

     (11) More than 8.5 million people have cancer.

     (12) There are reported to be 850,000 individuals with diagnosed and undiagnosed HIV infection or AIDS

      (13) and Based on 2001 data, there were 184,000 organ recipients

      (14) An even more extensive list of at-risk people includes the untold millions on drugs called corticosteroids. PrednisoneR,  MedrolR, and a variety of similar medications are given to both adults and children. These drugs are prescribed for dozens of conditions including asthma; allergies; eczema; emphysema; Crohn's disease; multiple sclerosis; herniated spinal discs; acute muscular pain syndromes; and all types of rheumatoid and autoimmune diseases. As much as 60% of the entire population could be considered to be "chemically immunosuppressed." It is important to realize that FluMist is CONTRAINDICATED for people who are immunocompromised. People who receive FluMist and are living with an immunocompromised person put their loved ones at risk.

      Will this make stores that administer the vaccines -- like Walmart and the other pharmaceutical chain stores that have announced they will carry FluMist

      (15)-- risky places to shop for large segments of the population? What measures will be taken in these stores to ensure that the virus will not become commingled with food? What hand washing policy is going to be enforced in the stores for all Walmart employees and customers who have received FluMist? These are reasonable questions that deserve answers. The target market for FluMist is "healthy children and adults, ages 5 to 49 yrs." Some believe that by vaccinating these people, a type of "herd immunity" will occur that will protect the very young and the elderly who are excluded from getting this vaccine. However, it is these very "At-risk" populations who may suffer the most from the flu by being exposed to people who are given FluMist. According to information presented at the May, 2003 National Influenza Summit.

      (16), approximately 85% of Americans between the ages of 20 and 50 go unvaccinated, and nearly 66% between the ages of 50 and 64 do not receive the flu vaccine. Have there been "raging epidemics" across the country due to lack of flu vaccinations? Hardly. The massive campaign to vaccinate everyone this year appears to be motivated purely by economics. The viruses suspected to be the most likely cause for the flu this season was negligibly different from the strains used in last year's flu vaccine. Therefore, the influenza vaccine produced for the 2003-2004 season is identical in composition to that used last year. This marks the only the second time that the same strains have been used during two consecutive flu seasons.

      (17) Consider that the antibodies from other viral vaccines -- such as MMR, polio and chickenpox vaccines -- last at least 3 years, and in some instances, up to 15 years. If the viruses used in the vaccine are the same as last year, why is this year's vaccine even necessary? An ever greater concern about FluMist is the contents within the vaccine.  Each 0.5ml of the formula contains 10 6.5-7.5  particles of live, attenuated influenza virus. That means that between 10 million and 100 million viral particles will be forcefully injected into the nostrils when administered. The viral strain was developed by serial passage through "specific pathogen-free primary chick kidney cells" and then grown in "specific pathogen-free eggs." That means that the culture media was free of pathogens that were specifically tested for, but not a culture that was necessarily "pathogen-free." The risk that the vaccine contains contaminant avian retroviruses still remains. In addition, a stabilizing buffer containing potassium phosphate, sucrose (table sugar) and nearly 0.5 mg of monosodium glutamate (MSG) is added to each dose.

      (18) One of the most troubling concerns over the forceful injection of this "chemical soup" is the potential for the viruses to enter directly into the brain. At the top of the nasal passages is a paper-thin bone called the cribriform plate. The olfactory nerves pass through this bone and line the nasal passages, carrying messenger molecules to the brain that are identified as "smells" we are familiar with. The olfactory tract has long been recognized as a direct pathway to the brain. Intranasal injection of certain viruses has resulted in a serious brain infection called encephalitis, presumably by direct infection of the olfactory neurons that carried the viruses to the brain. The pharmaceutical companies rarely consider the "down side" when they are pushing new drugs or new vaccines. FluMist has the potential for causing the worst, most severe flu epidemic seen in years. Parents tell their young children not to put things up their nostrils since it could cause harm. It would be wise to consider the same advice for adults. With all the known risks involved, one should be extremely cautious about what one allows to be sprayed in one's nose.

      Please write your congressperson and pass this information to them. You can find the email address for your states elected officials at .  I would also recommend you do the same to Wal-Mart . Please forward this newsletter and voice your feelings about shopping in a store that promotes the use of FluMist.
What can you do naturally to protect yourself against the flu?

      I have used the following nutritional remedies to prevent and treat flu symptoms. First of all I always recommend taking bovine colostrum as a preventative for helping to strengthen the gastrointestinal and immune systems. I have found that breathing Frankincense daily and in areas where there are crowding situations. I also have recommended people take Wolfberry Juice at a dose of 1 ounce per day for its high level of natural antioxidants. The following Gemmotherapies are excellent for detoxing and strengthening the nasal passages and lungs are Briar Rose and Lithy tree respectively.  I recommend the following dosages; Bovine colostrum 480 mg three times per day Frankincense massage oil into your hands and inhale. Use this on your hands and ware it around your throat and face to help protect you from viruses. Wolfberry juice (berry young juice) 1 ounce per day each morning. Briar Rose 5 drops one to ten times per day as needed for congestion. Lithy Tree 5 drops one to ten times per day as needed for coughing.

      In choosing the correct homeopathic remedy you must pick the remedy based on the simillimum of symptoms not the disease diagnosis. You can repertorize the case using a Materia Medica to determine which remedy best fits the case.
      All of these nutritional supplements are listed on my website where you can learn more about their uses and how to order them. Make today a great day.
. AND FINALLY: After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him... The moral When you're full of bull, keep your mouth shut. Will Rogers my hero as are all my friends the animals.
OAO, Dr Blake