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  "The Person who says it can not be done, should not interupt the person doing it !"  

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April 2003

The first month of spring has come and gone. What does this mean to the health of all of our pets?

      Spring is a Wood time in traditional Chinese Medicine and a time when the liver is at its most vulnerable time during the year. I recommend to all of my clients, that they and their pets do something to help detox and strengthen their livers.

       In most of the country we see a large amount of pesticides and herbicides being used as the growing season begins. WELCOME TO BEYOND PESTICIDES  These plus the increased use of heartworm medications, vaccinations and flea products put a dangerous stress on the liver. There are no studies showing how all of these combined together effect the health of animals. For this reason I recommend you weigh the risk of using or not using these products before exposing your pet or yourself to these products. 

       I have always used Standard Process, Standard Process of So CA, glandulars Hepatrophin and  Livaplex. I dose them as follows; 1 per 25 pounds of body weight for Hepatrophin and 1 per 50 pounds of body weight for Livaplex. I also use Common Juniper (gemmotherapy) at a dose of 1 drop 5 drops per day depending on the size and strength of each patient. I recommend they take this for 6 weeks and then three days out of each  month to protect and detox the liver. Milk thistle (Silymarin) is excellent to detox and protect the liver recommend  the following dose of 150 to 300 mg per day for dogs and 75 to150 mg per day for cats. Greg Tilford, Herbalist and good friend recommends using a blend of both Milk thistle and Dandelion in his Detox/Allergy blend. You can find out more about his products at his company Animal Apawthecary at  Merritt Naturals- Dog And Cat Vitamins, Animal Nutrition, Herbal Pet Supplement.
        I recommend you give this three weeks and then one week out of each month there after for protection during the spring.
        If any of your animals have a chronic or an acute liver problem, I recommend you get the help of a qualified alternative veterinary practicioner  Alternative, Complementary and Holistic Veterinary Medicine (AltVetMed) Home Pa to help care for your pet.
       As always I have to put a plug in for Aromatherapy  Young Living Essential Oils -Independent Distributorship  and colostrum  The Pet Whisperer™ because I see so many good things coming the use of them in my practice. The following is a testimonial I would like to share with you about my patient and good buddy Alf.

Alf's StoryDear Dr. Blake,
      Just have to make your day with another success story regarding Release Oil  Blend Young Living Essential Oils -Independent Distributorship
     Alf has had this phobia, ever since we brought him home as a puppy, of going outside alone.  Once he is outside..he hurries and does what he needs to do and wants back inside right away.
      It seems that when he was a puppy..he was outside in his yard..the gate was open and he decided to check out the neighborhood..he wandered too far and got lost..someone took him in..called the Humane Society and they came and got him..he was put in that special truck in those little compartments and he was scared to death.
      His family never looked for him..apparently..because my husband got him from the Humane Society when he was 13 weeks old..
      So..because of his past experience..Alf is afraid to be outside by himself..
      On Monday, April 21 I decided to put Release on Alf's head April 23..Alf went outside..without anyone "human" going with him..he was outside with his two buddies.  He stayed outside..sleeping on the grass in the shade..for nearly 2 hours..
         He did not come to the door with that frightened look on his face wanting in..
         When he was ready to come in..he came to the door and barked and that was it..
Amazing, isn't it?!!

Lady's Story      This is about another of my good buddies, Lady and what her Mom had to say about its effect on her and her other buddies at home.
Dear Dr. Blake..
     I can add to the success story even, when the mailman came down the street..Lady stood at the front door..looked..wagged her tail and never made a sound..not one!
      Also..she has stopped chasing my cats around..I caught her thinking about it this morning..she was watching one of my cats and had that look in her eye..
      I told her not to chase the cat..she went back on the
couch and went to sleep..
      One of the neatest things about Lady is that she now has a spark of life in her eye..she has never had that since we first adopted her..her eyes sparkle now..and she has not even been on this treatment plan for one's amazing..Release oil blend is amazing  Young Living Essential Oils -Independent Distributorship
       It is also helping my cockatoo that I had asked you about using this oil on..we are still seeing tantrums..but they are so much less than they were..and it's only been a few I'm sure in time..the tantrums will go..
       I have been able to get Blue to eat his food with the Release  rubbed on the rim of the dish..he won't eat the food if the RO is in the food..but at least we are getting him to breathe the that's a start..
       I am totally amazed at how this Release's totally other word for it..
       You sent me the Release Oil as part of Lady's treatment plan..but boy is it going a long way in helping our family in more ways that I could have ever imagined..
Thank you for introducing my family to essential oils and especially Release.
         You can see why this oil blend has been one of my favorites for many years. I find that Frankincense, Lavender, Release, R.C., Panaway and Peace and Calming are my favorites. You can check these out at my website  Young Living Essential Oils -Independent Distributorship  and how to order them.
           The next part is about my dear friends the Ticks, Mosquitos and Fleas. It tis the season to be parasatiized :O( Here is my natural approach to helping keep these guys off of your good buddies.

Natural Flea/Tick and Mosquito Control
Dr. Stephen Blake
           This message comes from the flea capital of the United States, San
Diego. I have been here for 30 years and have had to become a flea expert to
avoid the uses of chemicals which nearly killed me over 20 years ago ;(
First of all when you are having a flea problem, there are two
factors that are most responsible for them getting a foot hold in your homes.
       The first of these is the immune factor. An animal that is healthy
will naturally repel parasites and they will seek greener pastures. Always feed the
family a natural diet and not over vaccinate but there are other considerations.     
         Hereditary or miasmatic conditions are common in 90%+ of all domestic animals. I would first look at them from a homeopathic evaluation and try to determine if there is any sign of chronic disease. If there were symptoms I would prescribe accordingly. A simple nutritional supplements which will help to maximize their immune systems would be bovine colostrum  Bovine Colostrum - SYMBIOTICS: Exclusive Suppliers of New Life Colostrum from N  more information at my
website   The Pet Whisperer™ . This may also help with the tapeworms but to be
honest with you all these little guys can be difficult to get rid of. One
product that I have heard has cleared many of my patients is (Parastat
1-800-370-3447) herbal wormer for all internal parasites.
      The second part of the puzzle is the environment. If the energy of the
home has any disharmony in it, (nothing personal) but this can weaken the
immune system also. Make sure everyone is as content as they can be and open
with each other so the animals do not stress over their over concern for you.
I often have my clients make a mixture of the following Bach flowers and
spray it around the house to help detox negative energy from the environment.
Walnut, Crabapple, Holly, Wildrose and Wildoat. Bathing with any natural shampoo that kills them on contact due to its saponification properties should work. I have used natural dish soap and found it to kill them as well as anything.
      For fleas, ticks and mosquitoes I have the owners follow up with a Frankincense/R.C.  Rinses consisting of one drop Frankincense and one drop of R.C. (blend of essential oils containing 4 blends of species of Eucalyptus, Pine, Lavender, Marjoram and Peppermint.) Young Living Essential Oils -Independent Distributorship  per ounce of water and spraying this on the dogs after they are dried off. You can also spray them with this any time they are going into an area that are flea/tick or mosquito infested to help repel them. I have also had good luck with ultrasound devices you can get at Cosco that give off a frequency that repels the mosquitoes. Make sure they do not bother the pets and that where you buy them they give money back guarantee.
      I have found that if you steam clean or rent a rug doctor and clean with Simple Green (You may want to try this on carpet out of sight so that just in case it discolors your carpet you will not be mad at me;) you will kill all of the adult fleas immediately. When the carpets are completely dry, put a mixture of 1 part Borax salts to 3 parts Salt and rake it into all carpeted areas of the house. Leave for a week and then vacuum as you would do normally. This treatment will last years from my experience.
    Try the safe soapy water and light bulb flee controller.  Hang light bulb 1
foot above a low container (about a foot wide and 2-3 inches deep and with at least 1
inch of soapy water in it.
      It is moved around about 5 feet a day or have several and the flees jump
to the light (heat) and fall in the soapy water (very old method of
getting rid of fleas) Works very well :o)))
Good luck and remember "No wolf ever went to the a chemical plant for a
Flea/tick or mosquito repellent!" Dr Stephen Blake
          I rrecently was told that a pet owner believed that if she followed a particular vaccination program using fewer vaccines and less frequent, they were guaranteed that their pet would be safe from any vaccine related dis-ease states. This is absolutely incorrect and should never be repeated. Any thing can cause a potential health problem depending on the susceptibility of the patient. Less is always better but it by no means is a guarantee that your good friend could not a have a severe health consequence due to any amount of vaccine.
          If I see an animal with a history of chronic eye, ear, nose, skin discharge, I warn the client of the potential danger this animal could have to vaccines, drugs, chemicals etc. These are symptoms of chronic disease and should not be aggravated by vaccines, drugs, chemicals and or poor diet. My advise to all of you out there, is to be careful about what you put on or in your friends the animals. "For every action there is a reactions." Words to live by. The you put in the body the fewer chances you have for reactions.
       I would like to ask all of you to pray for my Mom. She has been quite ill for the past few years and is in the hospital. Please pray that her heart and lungs will get healthier and healthier with each and every breath she takes.
      Your prayers have already started helping her recover as I write this letter. Thank you all for caring.
"Miracles happen each and every day, all we have to do is get out of their way. If we do this each and every day, more of them will come our way!" Dr.Stephen Blake

Sincerely yours,
Dr Blake