Here is a picture of Miles and his buddy Baby. Until a few days ago they had not had phyical contact for the four years they had lived together because of Baby not being well.


I have once again been blessed with an opportunity to help a little critter who has been suffering for many years due to her caregivers not knowing the use of vaccines, drugs and chemicals where contributing to her ill health. I have heard Baby’s sad story a thousand times over the past 37 years of veterinary practice.

The good news is Baby is feeling much better and happier than she has been in over 4 years. Baby’s Mom and Dad have given me permission to post her story for others to read and learn from.

Please take the time out of your busy day to learn from Baby as I have from all the animals who have blessed my life.



Baby’s Story


In November of 2003, a friend of ours showed up at our house with one of the cutest puppies we had ever seen. The next day, we went to pick a puppy from the same litter. They were adorable Yorkie/Chihuahua mixes and the owners were selling them for just $200. What a steal! When we arrived to see the puppies that were still available, I picked up a female no larger than the palm of my hand and could not put her down. My husband paid the owners, thanked them, and we drove home with our first Baby.

I had never been a dog owner before and it showed. We bought a bag of Iams puppy food and a couple of bowls. Baby would not go near any of it. We figured she was just adjusting and would start eating when she was ready. She spent her first afternoon in our apartment crying. She cried hysterically through the night and by the next morning we were convinced something was wrong. We gave our friends a call and were shocked to find out that our puppy was only 4 weeks old. We felt terrible and immediately rushed to the nearest pet store to buy puppy formula. An hour later, our little Baby had stopped crying and seemed content.

Just like a newborn baby, we offered her the puppy formula every couple hours- even through the night. She rarely walked anywhere, we usually carried her. She always seemed cold, so she could often be found in our coat pockets or swaddled in a washcloth and cradled in the palm of my hand. We were so in love with her.

Wanting to be a responsible pet parent, I soon took her to our local veterinarian for her first check up. She was given a clean bill of health and I was given a schedule of immunizations that she would need. There were so many of them, but the office offered to sell me a “Puppy Care Package” that would cover all her puppy vaccinations as well as provide a deep discount when it was time to spay her. I happily purchased the package and left feeling a sense of pride. My puppy was going to be the healthiest canine in the city!

We brought Baby for her first vaccination appointment. She was so tiny, but I assumed dogs were tougher than humans and I didn’t think it would hurt her at all. I was wrong! Baby starting screaming and yipping as soon as the needle went in and she did not stop for 20-30 minutes. The veterinary assistants were gob-smacked. Nobody could get her to calm down. We pet her, talked to her, cradled her, and offered her treats…..nothing worked. About half an hour later, she stopped crying and we were sent home.

Well, we continued to bring Baby for her regularly scheduled appointments and she became famous at the pet hospital. She continued to impress us with her extreme dramatics following any immunization. Every employee in the office would come to assist in distracting her. However, their efforts always failed and at least 20 minutes of yipping and crying would follow.

Baby seemed pretty healthy for the first couple years of her life. We did have to bring her to see the vet a couple times for vomiting/diarrhea, but we weren’t that concerned. At first we were told she must have gotten into something that made her sick. We became extra cautious about what was in our home and made sure that she was not able to get anything in her mouth except her toys.

When she continued with the vomiting, she was prescribed an antacid and diagnosed with acid reflux. We were told to give her the antacid regularly. This seemed to solve the problem and we felt content with the diagnosis.

On a later occasion I was walking her when she suddenly yipped and fell to the ground. She refused to get up or walk and began trembling. Frightened, I brought her to the vet’s office to be examined. They could not find anything wrong. They said she had a problem with her back knees; common in small dogs. They advised I stop taking her for long walks and offered pain medication. I refused the pain medication – something about their diagnosis didn’t feel right. After a short period of rest Baby seemed to recover. From then on she participated in my long walks only by riding in a stroller.

The veterinary office went out of business so we went to a new medical providers for Baby. Her first visit there was in September 2006, just before her third birthday. She appeared to have a cold, and I was concerned because she was coughing and wheezing quite a bit. She was diagnosed with a mild Tracheitis and was sent home with some medication.

November 2007, we brought her back for some skin issues…but other than that, she seemed healthy.

The year 2009 was a busy year for Baby. In March 2009, we became very concerned and brought her to the hospital. She appeared to be in pain. She was lethargic and acting depressed. She was yipping a lot. She was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. We were told that she needed to go on a diet so low in fat; you had to have a prescription to purchase the food. She was also prescribed Buprenorphine to take twice a day. We brought her back for a recheck one week later. She seemed to be making good progress. We were instructed to continue the prescription diet for 2 more weeks before slowly reintroducing regular dog food. The vet really stressed the importance of never giving Baby any table food or even dog treats. She was to eat only her dog food- otherwise she could have a relapse. Baby was not happy about that. She HATED her new diet.

A month later, in April, we brought her back for her regular vaccinations and a deworming. Baby yipped and cried as always, and it was recommended that we bring her back for a dental cleaning.

We brought her back 10 days later for her dental cleaning. It was not a good experience for Baby and we have not done it since. She had to be given general anesthesia and was returned to us with a strange odor, greasy coat and she was definitely loopy for the next day or so.

March 2010 she returned to veterinary hospital again with complaints of being in pain, crying, acting lethargic and depressed. It was difficult to locate the source of the pain and she was sent back for x-rays. Although the x-rays did not reveal much, the vet was confident that she had a slipped disk in her spine, probably in the neck area. Since she yipped every time I put pressure on her head, I agreed that the injury was spine related. She was prescribed Rimadyl and was put on STRICT kennel rest for 4 weeks. She was only allowed to walk outside to use the bathroom. Otherwise, she was in a crate; we even hand-fed her during this time so she would not have to strain her neck eating out of a bowl.

We took her for a re-check a couple weeks later and she was prescribed stronger medication and was ordered to continue her kennel rest. We were very worried.

She wasn’t getting much better. There would be days she seemed fine, and days where she was in obvious pain. She struggled off and on with pain, vomiting and diarrhea for the next year. We did not bring her back to the hospital because we felt they were not helping her.

In October 2011, just before her third birthday, Baby was in obvious pain once more. She was in so much pain, that she was trembling most of the day. She would yip when anyone touched her and then started yipping BEFORE anyone touched her. After a few days, she added a twitch to her trembling and we became frightened. It was obvious the pain was in her spine centered right near the vaccination area. People told us “she’s old, she probably has arthritis”, or “she must have gotten into something”. We were so tired of hearing these things. She does not have arthritis and it would have been impossible for her to get into anything. We have been so diligent in our “puppy proofing”- something else had to be going on.

We knew Dr Blake and how he has been able to help dogs with chronic health issues. We were skeptical, but also knew that traditional veterinary medicine wasn’t working. We quickly scheduled an appointment.

Well, after about 2 hours in his office, we went home with a new plan. Baby must have known he was going to help, because she had a bounce to her step for the next hour or so following her visit with Dr Blake. She seemed happier already!

We have been carefully following the remedy recommended by Dr Blake and saw Baby getting better with in a couple of days. For the first time in years, we’re feeding her from the table- no more dog food! We will no longer be vaccinating her or using toxic flea treatments (which I just realized we also apply on her neck). She’s not on any more pain medications, antacids or steroids.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and the change is remarkable. Is she completely cured? No! But she is obviously happier and her painful episodes are becoming shorter and less frequent. She is letting us pet her, wagging her tail and rolling over for belly rubs. She never let us touch her before! Just the other day she jumped on the couch to sit with me. I can’t remember the last time she jumped on the couch!

She has started bringing us toys and asking for games of tug of war or fetch. Baby has NEVER played fetch. I’m not kidding. She has a box full of toys that she has never been interested in; even as a puppy. Suddenly she’s discovered how to play.

We are simply amazed. Even more amazing has been the way she chooses to interact with my four year old son and seven month old daughter. Since the birth of my son, we just assumed she didn’t like children very much. She has always stayed as far away from them as she can get and has been known to show her teeth when they touch her.

However, this past Sunday, Baby walked straight up to my infant daughter and licked her on the cheek. She let my four year old pet her. He was so happy and we could tell that Baby was enjoying it too. Today, she let my seven month old pet her.

She’s part of the family again, and this is just the beginning of her path to wellness. She still appears to get achy, but it doesn’t kill her spirit like it once did. We know how to handle it better too – so she can recover more quickly.

I’ve realized all this time that we were trying to treat her physical symptoms, but were ignoring her spirit. We are so excited to see what other changes come in the next few months and are just thrilled to have Baby back.

We’re learning so much, and can’t wait to share our new knowledge with other pet owners. THANK YOU Dr Steve for bringing our little girl back!!


Make today a great day and be the change you wish to see in this world. Just say NO to Vaccines, Drugs and Chemicals NOW!.


SMILE, BREATHE and BELIEVE in a world free of

Drugs and Chemicals. :O)


Dr Steve and Dr. Louie