Dear Dr. Stephen Blake and Doc Louie,

Now that my 6 week detox has ended… I feel like a new man! Barbara marvels at my clear eyes, that she only has to lightly wipe once or twice all day… as opposed to the way it used to be, when it seemed as if I had a shield over my eyes. Of course, I still seem to have difficulty seeing 100%, BUT I am seeing things MUCH more clearly now.
I also feel GREAT and am beginning to enjoy my walks more. The photo was taken yesterday, when I walked a couple of miles up an down a BIG hill, near the Ritz Carlton.
Of course, my favorite place is still in the back of the pickup truck… and now Barbara even brings me my meals in the truck, when I decide to sleep there:)! Well, I better rest up because Barbara is planning to take me to the beach every day this week.
Soon it will be our TWO year anniversary! Thanks again for giving me a new life… and for all the LOVE you have given me:)!!!!!
Love YOU,
Buddy Love….. Lick, Lick, Lick…