This is a question Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie ask each other very day?

How about in your own back yard? Having an owl nest box is the closest we can come to having a pet owl. Especially if you have an owl nest box with a camera that you can watch on tv or the internet like Molly! These owl nest boxes and the complete set up are available from Air Superiority. It’s an awesome feeling to know that you’re yard is the home of one of these majestic creatures, and even more so if you can peek in on them with an installed camera!

Another reason people like to have owl nest boxes around is for pest control. Owls are great rodent catchers! One nesting pair will eat about 2,000 rodents per year.

Since Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie recommend not using chemicals that kill rats and rodents in your yards.  Owls are the perfect environmentally friendly answer to not needing to put your animal friends at risk using these dangerous chemical around you homes and yard.

Dr. Louie and Dr. Blake had the honor of meeting Master Falconer

Tom Stephen near our home in Scripps Ranch in San Diego California. He shared his story with us and we would like to do the same. In the past 20 years  he has installed  over 28,000 homes for birds in Southern California ! He told us he is so grateful that his passionate hobby has led him to such a fulfilling career. I spend my days sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge of nature and it’s inhabitants with people around the world.

To learn more about Tom and how to order from his web site .

Make the change you want to see in your world NOW. Be the change and replace chemicals with our friends the Owls and their friends the falcons and hawks. They will serve you unconditionally and have not know side effects like chemicals do.

Please share Tom’s story and that of his products with all you know and ask them to do the same.

OAO, Dr Blake and Dr. Louie :O)