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Dr. Stephen Blake having a blast! What is he up to this time?
I was blessed to get to help with some of the construction of the Straw Bale Buddhist Nunnery at Deer Park Buddhist Monastery being constructed by Rebecca Tasker and Mike Long’s Company Simple Construction. Check out their mission statement and learn more about how to build with minimum impact on our planet Earth.
We are dedicated to simplicity, directness, and honesty — in design, materials, techniques, and ambitions. We seek people who have a similar vision: the not-so-big house, the simplest way to achieve energy efficiency, the healthiest materials, and the most direct way to get the project done. – Rebecca Tasker & Mike Long,, 619-342-6709
Please share their work with all you know and ask them to do the same.
Oceans of Peace,
Doc Louie and Doc Blake