Iquana mama close up


My dear friend Ms. Iquana told be to say YES to my friend Angie Swartz, when she asked me to do an interview with her on my life. 

I rarely give interviews but my friend Angie Schwartz persuaded me to share my story with her on line. Please take some time to hear my words on my mind, body, spirit journey over the past 67 plus years in the laboratory of life.

    My friends the animals have been my best teachers over these many years about what living is. You do not choose life, you LIVE it. To do this you must be happy. Happiness is  knowing you are on the right path.

  Happiness is Mindfulness about all that is. Knowing is not knowing. Living in the NOW is ALL there is and the animals show us everyday what that is by the way they live among us. Please share.


Ubuntu.. I am because we are ALL ONE.

Dr. Stephen R. Blake