DrDrBuddy Love 16 years young

Dr. Stephen R. Blake, DVM, CVH, CVA, Usui Reiki Master Playing his Native American as part of awakening the doctor within his friend, Mr. Buddy LOVE.

Here is the latest and greatest report from my animal friend and patient, Mr. Buddy Love. He never ceases to amaze me with his ability to respond to my healing ways. He is a perfect example of what healing looks like in real time. Healing is optimum cell replication and my boy is walking proof, homeopathy, glandular support, colostrum, gemmotherapy, classical homeopathy, nutritit on and MOST import LOVE LOVE LOVE  are the true heroes of healing. Please take a f ew minutes out of your busy day to read his inspiring words.

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Blessing upon all your days. Dr Stephen R. Blake


Dear Dr. Stephen Blake,


I am so happy that Barbara drove over four hours to that I could see you yesterday. You saved my life, and I never could have moved to Colorado without celebrating the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of when we first met. I also wanted to hear you play the flute in person, and bring that healing energy with me to the Rocky Mountains.

As I raced around your pool several times, with my tail wagging from side, I saw a BIG smile on your face. I knew how proud you must be to see what your remedies have done. I am ALIVE… and I THRIVE! No would ever guess that I am over 100 years!

Although he never saw me run, my mobile pet groomer has witnessed my miraculous recovery. From a wooly mammoth when he met me over 14 years ago… to a dog with MAJOR hair loss and SEVERE allergies (that other vets predicted would kill me unless I was treated with heavy duty toxic steroids and regular blood tests to monitor kidney and liver damage)… to a wooly mammoth, once again! Not only do I look and feel great… BUT, thanks to God healing through you, the aging process has been reversed.

I look and feel like a teenager again, and I thank you for saving my life!

Love and Peace,

Buddy LoveJ

P.S.: I look forward to celebrating our SIXTH ANNIVERSARY next year,         even though it will be a 16-hour drive to see you!   Until then, I will keep

        in touch by email, and let you know about my new adventure.