You all know Dr. Louie and my feelings about vaccines, especially flu vaccines (useless and cause disease). That being said, there are many things we can all do to minimize our chances of getting the flu and quickly we can recover from it with the miniminal pathology.  As you all know disease is not caused by a microbe but rather by a biologically susceptible individual. The healthier the soil the stronger the resistance to dis-ease.

My favorite all time winner all in one immune package for health is Nature’s Forgotten Miracle, New Zealand Bovine Colostrum. It saved my life over 13 years ago and has helped many two and four legged critters do the same. For over 6,000 years the use of Colostrum has been documented in medical literature as an effective way of supporting the immune system and health of those who take it.

This short video staring Dr. Yang and Medicine Man aka Dr. Stephen Blake is about optimum gut health. In the video he shares his nearly 50 years in medicine on the subject of gut health. To learn more please tune and watch and learn a simple way to maintain and optimum GI system.

Where you go we all go.
Dr. Yang and Medicine Man

I came across this research paper recently and would like to share with you all. I also recommend using Gemmotherapy http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/health-tips/gemmotherapy/ , Homeopathy http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/products/flowers/ and Aromatherapy http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/products/essential-oils/ to support and detox our bodies so we can coexist with our life partners, viruses, bacteria and fungi. For those of you who do not know this, we have more bacteria, viruses and fungi than body cells. Since this is a scientific fact, does it make sense to take anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungi chemicals and drugs to kill off what we are made of? How about we keep all of us in balance and support each other for optimum health? Sounds like a plan to me and for that matter for the world’s health. :O)


Colostrum Outperforms Flu Vaccine According to a 2007 study¹, led by Dr. M. R. Cesarone, colostrum supplementation 900 mg once per day in the morning was compared with anti-influenza vaccine in healthy subjects between the ages of thirty and eighty. Subjects were divided into four groups: those who received vaccination alone, vaccination plus colostrum, colostrum only, and those receiving no flu prevention treatment. Researchers looked at the number of influenza episodes and the number of days of illness during the two-month treatment plus an additional month. Both colostrum groups experienced significantly fewer cases of flu than either the untreated or vaccination only group. The number of days with the flu was three times higher in subjects not taking colostrum. The second part of the study involved high-risk cardiovascular patients, all of whom received the influenza vaccination. The colostrum group had fewer cases of influenza and complications that required hospital admission. The researchers concluded
that colostrum in both healthy subjects and high risk cardiovascular patients is at least three times more effective than the vaccination.

1. Cesarone MR, et. al. Prevention of influenza episodes with colostrum compared with vaccination in healthy and high risk cardiovascular subjects. Clin Appl Thromb Hemost. April 2007; 13(2):130-136.

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