I have found that most of the CHF cases that come to me are on a triad of medications. I do not stop the meds but  start to reduce the drugs based on the hierarchy of priority for survival. Usually I put them on card plus 1 to 3 bid , gemmotherapy hawthorn 3 to 5 drops bid, colostrum 500 mg/ 25 lbs Sid , common Juniper gemmo 3 to 5 drops sis for six weeks then weekly for detoxing and supporting the heart and kidneys ( liver is the mother of the heart and the kidney is the controller of the heart) and a simillimum. I also recommend Cardioplus (Standard Process) at a dose of 1 to 3 tablets twice per day for nutritional support of the heart.
Once they have been on this regiment for a week and I see improvement we begin to titrate the Lasix  until they do not need it or we establish a lower dose. I then consider which drug is the most toxic an do the same. I have used this protocol in cardiomyopathy as well and have had good results.  This goes for hypertrophic cardio myopathy cases as well.
Also good for any abnormal heart rhythms.
Dr. Stephen R. Blake