Barefoot on the Pacific Crest Trail playing my Native American Flute in the Mojave.

Aho. Medicine Man. Check out this cool video made by one of my fellow Pacific Crest Trail family on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016. An amazing 1300 mile journey filled with moments, words cannot describe.

Dr. Blake wrote and self published  his first book, The Pet Whisperer Stories About my Friends the Animals in 2003 and a few months later his home and office burned in the Cedar Fire of San Diego the same year and destroyed all of his first addition books. He republished his book the following year and has  been selling them to clients and readers ever since and finally made an Ebook you can down load from and it just came on live today.. Please check it out and tell all your friends.. The paperback and audio will follow as soon as the it is formatted for publishing which should be this week or next.

Thank you all for sharing and reading my book.

Aho. Dr. Stephen Blake aka Medicine Man