Dr. Blake in the Grand Canyon with his Native American Flute!

I have been off my cell phone and computer for 7 days. A miracle to say the least. I was blessed to be in the Grand Canyon on a 188 mile rafter trip where there was no contact electronically with the world. Each night I slept under the stars on a cot with no tent. Several nights I slept on a Sand Stone ledge 20 feet above the ground, looking up at the Milky Way. Each night I would play my Native American Flute to show my gratitude to Mother Earth for sharing her beauty with us all. I am including a Youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Af2oQekBxWA of me playing above  Kaibab Sustention  Bridge at mile marker 88 (Built in 1928) on the Kaibab Trail. I asked a hiker to video me with my IPhone. How cool is that? I shall never forget the stillness of the Canyon and the roar of the rapids as we plunged into the waves. What a blast. Make today a great day and walk barefoot on Mother Earth and feel her energy surge through the souls of your feet. That is what I did in the Grand Canyon and very day wherever I am. Namaste, Dr. Steve
Here is a poem that came to me the morning of May 23 rd, 2012, 3 days after I returned from the most amazing time in the Grand Canyon rafting for six days. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it. Make today a great day and SM…ILE, BREATHE and BELIEVE, it is ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER :O). Namaste, Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie :O)))))))
Her Majesty, The Grand Canyon
By Dr. Stephen R. Blake May 23, 2012


Sixty-five years had come and gone, But the voice of the great canyon was ever so strong. She had been calling me all these years, Now was the time for me to appear.


It has been said for eternity, The teacher will appear when the student was ready. I heard her stillness calling me from far away, In my heart I knew it was the day.


When we met for the very first day, The Grand Canyon blew me away. Her beauty was beyond compare, I felt her gentleness in the warm air.


All my fellow rafters felt the adventure, They all knew it was going to be a heart wrenches. I heard voices of the ancient ones, Welcoming us all back with the rising sun.


Her liquid love was oh so cold, Less than fifty degrees, made my joints really feel old. One hundred degrees and sometimes more, Made me mindful that dehydration is not folk lore.


What a rush it was to see, St rattling a rubber pontoon and a wave crashing over me. The rapids were oh so cold and so strong, It felt like the great river was playing ping pong .


Teeth chattering, eyes so wide, I was smiling on life’s greatest ride. No matter how hot or cold I became, I knew I wasn’t taking up space, I was in the great game.


As darkness squeezed away the last rays of the sun, I knew in depths of my heart, this was only the beginning of some really great fun. Upon a cliff I put my cote, No tent to block my view.


The vision of the Big Dipper and Milky Way, They kept me company before each day. When our camp was dark and still, Out came my Indian flute and her voice soared on the winds of the night.


Silence, Laughter, smiles and tears of joy filled each day, In our hearts we were all being loved in a very special way. The time would come soon enough when we had to say goodbye. Goodbye to her majesty,,The Grand Canyon who had set all our hearts free.


Free to be the kind spirits shinning so bright, Wise, wild and free, soaring in the great canyon of life. The great teacher touched our hearts. To the four winds we have gone but we will never be apart.





From Dr BLake and Dr.Louie


Please pay it forward.