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Dr. Blake has been lecturing and using Gemmotherapy in his practice for over a decade and wants to share his knowledge about how to use this amazing modality of medicine in your practice or for pet caregivers. He has written in a very user friendly format about what Gemmotherapy is a about and how to use it to help improve the quality of life for your animal friends.

His years of clinical experiences in dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, exotics and humans has provided him with a great opportunity to witness the amazing healing potential of Gemmotherapy in all species. As always, Dr. Blake has found a modality that was developed for humans over 50 years ago in France and adapted it to the animal kingdom he so dearly loves.
His book Gemmotherapy For Our Animal Friends, is not to replace good veterinary care but rather to empower animal caregivers with yet another option to drugs and surgery as their only option for medical care for their animal friends.
His 15 page instruction guide The Five Seasons of Gemmotherapy: How to Keep Your Pets Healthy Throughout the Years is to step by step how to do instruction on how to blend TCM Five Element Theory with  Gemmotherapy during the Five Seasons to help our friends the animals stay healthier throughout the year.. Go to the bottom of this page to order Dr. Blake’s 7 Gemmotherapy remedies used in his instruction hand out on Five Seasons of Gemmotherapy.
As stewards of the animals, our oath is to prevent suffering and do no harm. In our attempts to prevent suffering we must be very careful that we do no harm in the process. Gemmotherapy is one of those ways you can fulfill this oath.

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Make today a great day and share his book with all you know and ask them to do the same. He calls this paying it forward. “Enjoy your ride on the perfect wave of life.”
Sincerely yours,
Stephen R. Blake, DVM, CVH, CVA