Dr. Louie is here to tell you how he survived an attack by two coyotes and lived to tell his story!
Two weeks ago Louie was his usually spunky self attaching anything bigger than himself. He has a condition called the Napoleon Complex and feels he has to let all dogs bigger than 11 pounds, that he is the boss. All of the giant dogs he has given attitude to over the past 5 years, have been kind to him and not eaten him. Once he does his Chihuahua Napoleon Complex Act, he is their best friend.
Unfortunately he feels the same way about the Coyotes that live in our town. It was pitch black the night of June 19th when we thought we had lost Dr. Louie. He got out and went after two Coyotes and who decided to eat him instead of play with him. He fought them off and managed to escape as I ran at the sound of the screaming I knew was Louie. He ran right past me and up towards the house to escape from them and I made sure the Coyotes did not follow him.
Once I got him into the house I started to examine him as his Veterinarian and friend. He had multiple puncture wounds on the top of his head, jugular area, sides of the face, back of neck and hind limbs. For those of you who are Homeopathic fans, I gave him Aconitum 10M repeatedly for prevention of shock and fear and Phosphorous 10M for the bleeding from his neck and head wounds.  Once he stabilized, which was in a matter of 10 minutes, I was able clip the hair away from his many wounds and clean them with a Calendula solution.
He was such a trooper the whole time. He just laid quietly and let me doctor him as needed. After the bleeding stopped, I gave him Arnica 10M repeated for the trauma, Ledum 200C for the puncture wounds and Gun Powder 200C to prevent infection. Day after day he improved but on the 5th day his wounds on top of his head closed and he began to develop a large abscess. He let me open it up and clean it out with a Calendula solution and I  started him on Silca 200C. Within days the abscess was completely healed and Dr. Louie was back.
Today is the 4th of July and the best 4th of July present is having Dr. Louie back all healed up and safe and sound. Thank you all for all your kind words and prayers for Dr. Louie to heal and recover. Here is a picture of Dr. Louie  flying high on the wings of recovery.
Happy 4th of July to you all.
Dr. Louie’s story is a testimonial to Alternative Medicine’s place in the world of emergency  medicine, prevention and management of chronic disease. He was able to heal completely without surgery, antibiotics or drugs of any kind. He was also on Bovine Colostrum, Coconut oil ( I discovered that he would eat only organic coconut oil for the first few days which gave him nutrition and its healing properties).
Be the change you want to see in the world and say NO to DRUGS, CHEMICALS and VACCINES.
Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie