Squirrle prayer

Why is this little fellow praying?

The answer is really simple. He is praying Dr Louie and Dr. Blake will share some of their secrets about staying healthy during Fall and Winter.  With 48+ years of veterinary medical experience between the two of them, they surely have a great deal to share with all creatures great and small.

The easiest thing anyone on can do, no matter how many legs they have is to take Imuteck Bovine Colostrum each morning before they start their day. For animals we recommend 500 mg per 25 pounds of body weight once per day. Horses 500 mg per 250 pounds and humans 750 mg per day.

You can learn all about this amazing supplement on our website at 


Essential oils are amazing when it comes to helping support your immune system’s defense systems when exposed to fall and winter viruses. Our favorite is Thieves blend of essential oils by YLEO. You can read about this and order it 
You can diffuse it in your home, car or office. You can apply it upon the palms of your hands an breath it in or put some under your nose, bottoms of your feet and on your ears multiple times per day to help protect you against viruses. When I travel on airplanes, I breathe it in while I am in the cabin to help prevent exposure to others who may be sheding cold or flu viruses in the cabin.
Our third recommendation is Gemmotherapy for the organs that are at most risk during these two seasons. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fall is the Metal Element at which time the Lung and Large Intestine are at most risk. We recommend you and your animals take Lithy Tree for the lungs and Fig Tree for the Large Intestine for six weeks during the Fall. Winter is the Water Element, at which time the Kidney and Bladder are at risk. For Six weeks during the winter, we suggest taking Common Juniper and Silver Birch to help the kidney and bladder. You can learn more about this in my book Gemmotherapy for OUR animal friends and my download on five element therapy and Gemmotherapy at  
Getting plenty of rest and doing your best to meditate as much as you can during the holidays is also very helpful in keeping you tip top for the stresses of this time of the year.
Happy Holidays.
Please share.
Dr Louie and Dr. Blake