Guess what Dr. Blake has been up to with his Dolphin Friends?
A few months ago I was blessed with an experience of a life time. I got to hang out with Dolphins for three days and learn a ton of information from the Ambassadors of Peace. I stayed at the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida and was blessed with being able to help set up a Homeopathic and Gemmotherapy Pharmacy for the future care of the Dolphins and other critters cared for at the center. During that time I had the wonderful opportunity to swim with them and interact on many levels. One special experience, was with Kibby, a male Dolphin I had met some time back. She is an Artist who does commission paintings and I discovered a hidden talent we did not know he had.
I was there in March of 2011 and on a whim, I asked her caregiver if it would be ok to touch his blowhole. The answer was, as long as it is ok with Kibby, it is fine with me. As I gently slipped my fingers over the blowhole, Kibby exhaled and emitted a high frequency sound. I then started tapping out a rhythm  with my hand and what you know? We had music. He would repeatedly come back and ask me to do more and more of this behavior. This went on for about a half hour and then it was time to go. At the time, I had no recording equipment to capture this amazing event, so I made a promise to myself, the next time I returned I would be ready to capture this fun event, as long as Kibby still wanted to do it.
Seven months later an opportunity came up for me to return, and this time I came with a video camera to capture Kibby and me playing music, if the spirit moved him to do so. It was on the last day of my visit there was a time frame for me to get together with Kibby. I did not know if Kibby would remember me or want to repeat the behavior since he had not done it since my last visit.
Watch the short video I made and you will find out the answer.
I call this The Song of Peace.
Dolphin Style.
Enjoy your ride on the Perfect Wave of Life.
Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie :O)