Guess what Dr. Louie and Dr. Blake’s Hero, Buddy Love just did?
For those who do not know my friend Buddy Love, you must take some time out of your busy day to follow his story over the past two years. This letter is from his Mom, we just received and she asked us to share it with you all.
You can read all of his stories by checking the blog and putting Buddy in the search window at the bottom of the home page. He is my and his Mom are our heroes. They have chosen a path of healing and had the courage to stay with it through thick and thin.
Thank you Barbara and Buddy Love for walking the walk of Natural Healing and Saying NO to DRUGS, CHEMICALS and VACCINES as we KNOW THEM TODAY.
Dr Louie and Dr. Blake
Dear Dr. Stephen Blake,
You will NOT believe what happened this evening hours after we came down and visited you. When I brought him down, I was afraid you were going to say there was nothing more we could do for my Buddy because he was doing so poorly. Boy was I mistaken.
After Buddy ate his dinner, he went through the dog door and took me on a ONE MILE walk!!! Unbelievable!!!!! Thanks a MILLION for finding the right homeopathic remedy for this point in time:)! It worked wonders and I am AMAZED at the results! I also gave him 3 drops of zeolite and a tablespoon of coconut oil. He also enjoyed a spa treatment by having the coconut oil massaged into his skin… which is becoming softer and less itchy! His eyes are also looking clear, after being EXTREMELY red and sore from environmental factors. This is THE miracle I have praying for! He has finally gotten over the apathetic state he has been in for the last few weeks. Once again, I am grateful that I didn’t go the conventional route with rounds of antibiotics and other toxic medications, while you were out of town. Instead, we stuck with the natural remedies and waited for your return. Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU! Your highly intuitive remedies are THE best! Love and Peace, Barbara
PS: This is a photo I took at the beach the other day. After strolling around in the sand, Buddy decided to dig a big hole and lie down to enjoy the ocean breeze.=
Please pay forward Buddy Love’s Story to all you know and ask them to do the same.
His voice must be heard by all who JUST want a WORLD FREE of CHEMICALS, DRUGS and VACCINES.
Dr. Blake and Dr.Louie