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Thank you all for taking the time to visit my new web site. All I ask in return for providing this self help site is that those who read my words will Pay it Forward. This simply means sharing my web site with at least three other friends or lists. You can copy and paste this hyperlink and send it to those you want to share my work with:

To learn about natural health tips for your pets, such as fleas, diarrhea, ear infections, etc. go the Tips of the month section at the bottom left of the homepage. I would also suggest you read the information on Colostrum, Gemmotherapy, Essential oils, Vaccines, Fleas & Ticks, Solar Energy, Aspartame, Cataracts,  my Newsletter and more for in depth ways to have a happier, healthier pet. This information is also helpful to the two legged caregivers as well.

Dr. Blake’s new address is
12436 Grainwood Way San Diego, California 92131 and his office number is 858-566-3588. The best way to reach him is to email him at

Make today a great day.