Africa biking across Botswana
 How did Dr Blake Mountain bike over 800 miles across four countries in Africa with no drugs, chemicals or vaccines?

Added Bonus 🙂 Check out my video of my new friends I met on the way to Cape Town LOL. Baboons ROCK big time.

 Baboon mom and kid
    It all started September 4, 2015 with me leaving America on an amazing adventure from Zambia, through Botswana, Namibia and South Africa on my mountain bike with 9 other hearty adventures. It was about 50 miles mountain biking each  day through Malaria country, deserts and heat that never ended, dirt, rough roads, lots of up hill riding, dislocated finger and toe, lacerations and being ONE with Mother Earth. 26 days later I was back home in my cozy bed in San Diego California.
    I make it a rule not use drugs, chemicals and vaccines in my life. After all the years of research and study I have put into all three, I do my best to NEVER use any of them. After 68+ years in the laboratory of life, I have summed up my feelings about health in my many articles, speaking engagements, radio, television, webinars, publications, social networks, books, etc. Simply put, “H E A L T H is NOT spelled DRUGS, CHEMICALS or VACCINES.” H E A L T H is spelled OPTIMUM cell replication.”
     Anything that prevents OPTIMUM CELL REPLICATION, is not H E A L T H. There are times when a drug is necessary in an emergency or Surgery in the case of an emergency or better quality of life for all creatures great and small. Other than these situations, I NEVER recommend them.
     On my latest and greatest adventure, I used my Colostrum, Gemmotherapy, Essential oils, Calendula ointment,  Organic Coconut oil and Homeopathy to keep me fit and safe on my travels from San Diego to Africa, from Zambia through Botswana, Namibia and South Africa and back home.
essential oils
    Everyone on the trip used chemical insect repellents which contain DEET. This chemical is a carcinogen and a neurotoxin . NEVER use it. I used a blend of Essential oils containing Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lemon, Lemon grass, Cedar and organic coconut oil I rubbed on my exposed skin twice per day. Never got a bug bite and I smelled GREAT. You can learn more about them and order these amazing oils on my web site at
  Knowing that I would be exposed to some toxins, injury, stress, exhaustion, sore muscles, joint and back stress, I chose to make a blend of Gemmotherapy which would help my body be optimum under these conditions. I made a blend of Wildwood vine for joints and muscles, Walnut for parasites, Cedar of Lebanon for my skin, Rosemary for my gal bladder, Common Juniper for my liver and kidneys, Common Birch as a general organ detox and anti inflammatory, Lime tree for sleep and my nervous system. I placed this in my camel water supply and sipped on it all through the day as I biked for hours at a time across amazing landscape in heat, dust, rocks, up hills and down ( seems like more up LOL ), and of course my friend the sand that made the going even more challenging. To learn more about this amazing food supplement, please order my book and read what I have written on the subject at
africa bare feet with animals
As all know I an avid bare footer and make it a point to stay connected to Mother Earth as many hours out of each day as I can. Biking without shoes was not possible so I had to do my best to stay connected to my mother whenever the opportunity presented itself. At night I had my Earthing pad in my tent with me, and this allowed me to stay grounded from 10 PM until 4 AM ( yikes when we had to wake to start our days) . During the day I would take off my shoes and walk barefoot on all kinds of terrain , Rock, thorns, dirt, gravel, burning sands of Namibia LOL and granite. To learn  more about Earthing and Earthing products, please visit my web site at
colostrum capsules #1
   Wherever I travel in the world I drink the water and eat the food of the locals. Fingers crossed, I have never had any issues gastrointestinal-intestinally  EVER. My secrete is simple. Imutek Bovine Colostrum. I take 500 mg minimum per day, and I have the gut of a goat. I can eat anything, drink anything and not have to make extra visits to the toilet LOL. It is also very good for endurance, blood sugar balancing, optimum tissue repair, prevention of lactic acid build up, metabolism of fat, maintaining an optimum immune system and healthy digestive system to name a few. You can learn more about Nature’s Forgotten Miracle on my web site at
voodoo vaccines
I have not had a vaccination of any kind for over 45 years and will NEVER have another ONE in this life time. The CDC and WHO both recommend a ton of vaccines when traveling out of the country or to the drug store. Since they are all funded by the vaccine manufactures, fox in the hen house is a given. None of the countries required any immunization. Most people believe they have to have vaccines to travel abroad and the truth is they do NOT need any vaccines, they are optional. Only one person got sick on our trip with Malaria like symptoms and it was caused by the Malaria pills they had been taking for the past 2 plus weeks. Once I detox ed them, gave the appropriate homeopathic remedy and took them off the drug, they were back on their bike in less than two days.
To learn more about the truth that vaccine is neither safe nor effective, please visit my web site at and share what I am sharing with all my brothers and sisters. Ubuntu Awathu . Means Humanity is ONE and we are the POWER, each and everyone ONE of us. JUST DO IT.
 africa bushman feet
Your brother,
Dr. Stephen R. Blake
Africa Bushman fluting