Dr.  Louie TDI, GDC
How do you keep your pet healthy the easy way?
I hope this title has caught your attention and that you will read what Doc Louie and I have to share with you all. Before we begin we would like you ALL to read the following words from one of our favorite authors Eric Butterworth from his book Discover the Power within You.
“Agree with thine adversary quickly,” remembering that the adversary is not he person or situation that stands before you, but your reaction to or feeling about it. It has been said, “Things may happen around you, and things may happen to you, but the ONLY things that really count are the things that happen IN you.”
These words are extremely important in the health of you and your pet. The very most important step toward good health is positive thinking. Be a dog, cat, horse, bird or pig. They do not worry about what happened 10 years ago or what is going to happen tomorrow. They are in the MOMENT all the time. As a caregiver, YOU must do the same.
Do not have negative thoughts about your pet or your pet’s health. Always have positive thoughts and do not label him or her with a diagnosis. Where your thoughts go, ENERGY flows. They pick up on your thoughts and feelings ALL the TIME. Be mindful of them and put yourself in their paws ALWAY. If the thought you have would hurt your feelings, then they will hurt your best friend’s as well.
Now on to the next step for optimum health the EASY WAY.
vaccine needles
STEP ONE is..drum roll please….AVOID all potential toxins from coming into your pets world directly or indirectly. This includes; Herbicides, Pesticides, Spot on flea and tick products, Vaccines, Drugs, Chemicals of any kind, unfiltered water, food that is not ALL natural, watching TV with NEGATIVE information spewing out of it, shampoos or conditioner that contains toxic waste in them, second hand smoke, excessive noise, NEGATIVE THOUGHTS and ACTIONS. Check out what I have written on Essential oils, Colostrum, Raw food and Natural diets, Gemmotherapy and living a healthy life on my website www.thepetwhisperer.com
We have all heard, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” It should be rewritten to say, ” An ounce of prevention that does no harm is worth a ton of treatments that cause harm.” We hear about medical research is looking for the cure for cancer, diabetes, auto immune disease, degenerative diseases, etc… Billions of dollars are spent looking for a cure for something we are CAUSING. Rather than spend billions on an imaginary CURE, how about we JUST STOP doing what is THE CAUSE?
By simply eliminating the probable cause of Dis-ease in our animal friends, we will prevent the harm AKA cause of the condition in the first place and it is less expensive. AMAZINGLY SIMPLE.
As ONE of my favorite teacher, Lao Tzu taught me many moons ago, we are ALL here to learn THREE things. Keep it simple, Be patient and Always be COMPASSIONATE. The key word here is SIMPLE. The Medical Cartel has made the art of healing seem so COMPLICATED that WE no longer trust the Doctor within ourselves and our pets to keep us healthy. It has replaced our TRUST in BELIEVING we can be healthy by eating healthy, loving, playing, having fun, enjoying life and having faith in the fact that we replace trillions of cells everyday without DRUGS, CHEMICALS or VACCINES JUST FINE, thank you very much. FEAR has become the FORCE that makes us believe VIOXX, DRUGS, CHEMICALS, VACCINES,  BLEEDING and Aspartame ARE SAFE and necessary for health and healing.
NUMBER ONE RULE.. SHOW NO FEAR. Fear is the most toxic substance in the Universe. Make sure when you are caring for your best friend that you hold no fear in doing your best to help he or she have the best life possible.
STEP TWO…Build up weakened organs or organ systems.
Chinese Traditional Medicine has taught many things about how the body works on an energetic level. We are all ENERGY BEINGS and to treat OUR ENGERGETIC bodies, we must use ENERGETIC MEDICAL PRACTICES TO ACCOMPLISH True Health. This is not to say there is NO PLACE for Allopathic Medicine (Reductionism Medicine, which I was first educated in and practiced for 7 years post graduation from veterinary school). Allopathic Medicine shines in surgery and emergency situations and I still recommend it about 1% or less for my patients. If you have a broken leg you go to a surgeon and use an energetic doctor to help with optimum healing post surgery.
I would recommend you ALL download my Gemmotherapy and Five Seasons from my book page and use it as a guide for helping your pet’s body be at its peak health during the 5 seasons of the year. http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/book/ In TCM they have found that during each of the five seasons ( Spring, Summer, Indian Summer, Fall and Winter), the organs of the body are in different states of repair and healing. I have outlined a simple system of using Gemmotherapy http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/products/ordergemmo/   to help with the support of the organs during each season of the year. This will help to keep them at a peak level of health and reduce the chance of them developing into a dis-ease state. I have three webinars on my website for learning how to use Gemmotherapy for treatment and prevention of disease at http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/book/
For 15 years I have taken Bovine Colostrum for my personal health and recommended it to all my clients, patients, family and friends. It is by far the most complete nutritional supplement on the planet. All mammals exist solely on it for weeks to years, depending upon the species. By this I mean they sustain themselves on mother’s milk. Colostrum is simply mother’s milk which is collected for a few days after birth and contains micro nutrients which help the young obtain optimum development. The beauty of Cow’s milk is that it is a UNIVERSAL DONNER for ALL Mammals. I have used it with birds, insects, reptiles and many other species as well. http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/health-tips/colostrum/
I recommend making Imutek Bovine Colostrum a staple part of ALL animals diets to help maintain an optimum GI system and Immune system. It is SIMPLE, EASY and COMPLIANCE is HIGH as well.
Essential oils are another SIMPLE way to help with optimizing the  body. They are naturally cleansers for the body and oxygenate the cells. I recommend ONLY Young Living Essential Oils which I have used for the past 17 years with amazing results. http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/products/essential-oils/ They are simple to use and I have outlined many ways to use them in general practice for various conditions. You can use them for treatment, detoxification and prevention.
STEP Three…Detox/ Cleanse organs or organ systems.
As we all know, we live in a very toxic world created by man. We can help by using less chemicals, drugs and vaccines will help our world be a safer place for all of us. In the mean time the reality that there are more than 45,000 man made toxins in the world is the current situation we have to deal with 24/7. Avoidance is difficult when the majority of people are spraying herbicides and pesticides in their yards, homes and common areas.
When you take your pets out for a walk, try to stay away from areas where you know they are using these chemicals. If you are not sure or have no control over the area you are walking your pets in, you must wash off their feet after returning home with soap and water. Once they come home give them a dose of Common Juniper (Gemmotherapy) to help the liver and kidney to remove any toxins that have entered their bodies.
One of the easiest ways to help the body detox, is to use Gemmotherapy http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/products/ordergemmo/  to aid the body in eliminating toxins from the various organs of the body. I also recommend the use of Standard Process nutritional supplements to support and detox the body. You can learn about them on their website https://www.standardprocess.com/Home . I have used these in my practice for over 25 years with great results.
I have found that gingivitis can be a real challenge to treat, especially in cats. I recommend putting them on colostrum and 1-TDC Dual Action gum and joint support  http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/products/tdc/ .  These amazing products are a great combination to help support gum and joint health. The beauty to these products are that they can be absorbed easily by the body. The 1-TDC Dual action is also absorbed transdermally and reaches the inflamed areas of the body where they are needed. The patients I have used this product on, are able to benefit from within 3 to 4 weeks time. The animals love the taste and compliance are nearly 100%.
Another excellent product I have had the pleasure of sharing with my patients, is the Lifewave patching system. You can read about them on my website at http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/health-tips/life-wave-it-is-amazing-best-thing-dr-blake-and-dr-louie-have-come-across-in-a-very-long-time/ . My favorite patches are the Y-Age patches. Aeon patches are for helping with DNA optimum replication; Carnosine are for helping optimize muscle, endurance and recovery from exercise and Glutathione is for helping optimize body levels of the Glutathione ( Master antioxidant of the body) I have used them in many ways. I have used them topically on the acupuncture points and on their water bowls. I place a patch on the bottom of their water bowls to help energize the water to help with the repairing and maintenance of their bodies. I have them change the patches from days to months depending on what the patient demands.
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 Dr. Louie and Dr. Blake ONLY ask that you share our words with ALL you know and ask them to do the same.
We call this paying it forward.
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