I am this Mouse When I use my Lifewave Patches :O)))

I am the mouse on the left. I use Carnosine, Aeon and Glutathione  Lifewave patches as part of my over all health care. These picture are a visual aid to the benefits of having optimum levels of Carnosine and Glutathione in your body or that of your pets.
I use the Aeon patch to help with optimum cell replication at the DNA level of my healing process.
An ounce of PREVENTION is worth MORE than a POUND of CURE.
This next picture is a visual of how the skin looks before and after Carnosine and Glutathione levels are optimum.
Thank you for listeing and paying it forward. Make today a great day and SMILE, BREATHE and BELIEVE in a Drug, Chemical and Vaccine free world today.
Dr Blake and Dr. Louie :O)