Squirrle prayer

Why is this little guy praying so hard and for what?

He is praying for us to all awaken to the fact that prevention is the answer not cures.  Just do three things for your pet and you will optimize his or her cell replication potential. What the heck is Dr Blake talking about now?

“Just do three things for your pet and you will optimize his or her cell replication potential.” Optimum cell replication is short version of optimum health. As long as your body is able to optimally replicated dead, diseased or dying cells, you get to stay on the planet longer. It is that simple.


The three things are first and foremost, avoiding as much of the toxic waste in the world as possible. This begins with not vaccinating, no drugs, no  chemicals, no pesticides, no  herbicides (Roundup), reducing your fear level ( Fear being the most toxic substance in the Universe), clean water, exercise, Earthing

, exercise, LOVE and healthy food.



Second most important thing you can do is to add Imutek Colostrum to your pet’s diet

colosturm 7 ounce #1

Thirdly make sure you have a detox program in place year round to help reduce the build up of toxins and absorption of toxins into your pets body’s . I have an excellent how to do book , Gemmotherapy for Our Animal Friends, videos , Five Element Gemmotherapy download, Power point downloads on how to use Gemmotherapy and articles I have written on Essential oils



Order my 15 page download The Five Seasons of Gemmotherapy: How to Keep Your Pets Healthier Throughout the Year. (THIS IS NOT A HARD COPY)

   Always do your best to prevent suffering and do NO HARM. All of the materials I recommend are safe for all creatures great and small, no matter how many legs they may have.

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Doc Louie and Doc Blake

Dr.  Louie TDI, GDC

Dr. Louie is SMILING BIG time because he knows HOW to AWAKEN the DOCTOR WITHIN HIMSELF .

Make today a great day and enjoy your JOB  , Joy Of Being :O