buddy love of old

Here is My HERO Buddy love and below is his latest Email to me. Please pay it forward.

Now this is the way I like to start OUT everyday, with a letter from ONE of my patients that makes ME SMILE BIG TIME. Buddy Love just dropped me an email that made OLD Dr Blake SMILE BIG TIME and he just has to share with ALL of you. This is what Ubuntu is ALL about. I am because we are.. Buddy’s story fits under the quotation I live by.. The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it.
Buddy is walking proof that there is ALWAYS HOPE, and to NEVER GIVE UP HOPE no matter what OTHERS may say. Please share his story, which is posted numerous times on my web site and see what courage looks like in the caregiver and their animal friend.
Ubuntu I am because we are,
Doc and Doc Louie
May 9, 2013
Aloha Dr. Stephen Blake,
I hope that you are doing absolutely FANTASTIC now that your Birthday and THREE YEAR anniversary with Buddy Love are approaching. You will not believe Buddy. He is a little fur ball! Is as happy as can be! Struts and meanders along… with his tail swaying from side to side.
Some days he just sniffs along, gets down to business several times, and then races back to his mobile home. Other times, he decides to see if Ron and I can keep up with him. That usually happens when I am not wearing appropriate shoes for a long hike.
I can never thank you enough for these THREE extra years that I have with Buddy. I do not know what I would have done without him. He has been my constant companion for 12 years, and every time it rains I think of how bedraggled he looked when I found him and what a miraculous recovery he has made.
The day we met, he had snarled and ratted fur… a crooked body… and could not walk fast or run. Then, after I got him cleaned up and nurtured, he healed beautifully has enjoyed a fantastic life.
We can NEVER thank you enough for the miracle that God worked through YOU!!!!!! Thank YOU!!!!!!! We look forward to seeing you on the THREE YEAR anniversary, so that I can take a photo of Buddy Love and you!
Thanks again for everything!