shaman Jackson 49 days
Shaman Jackson Blake is 94 days on Planet Earth and he BEGS you to STOP the INSANITY of injecting TOXIC waste into his brothers and sisters of the WORLD NOW. 
This is my letter I just sent to all the Senator. Please do the same. Be the change you want to see in the world NOW. DO NOT WAIT. ACT NOW before more of OUR children are POISONED for PROFIT and PERSONAL GAIN. Ubuntu UBUNTU UBUNTU.
Doc  Blake
This is the letter I sent Governor Jerry Brown and I ask all of you
to do the same.
Tell him to veto SB 277 NOW!
I will NEVER give up my FREEDOM of CHOICE for how my wife, my children, my grandchildren or myself to ANY GOVERNMENT
Dr. Stephen R. Blake DVM, CVA, CVH, Usui Reiki Master
12436 Grainwood Way
San Diego, Ca 92131
June 5, 2015
Dear Governor Brown,
I will NEVER give up my FREEDOM of CHOICE of MEDICAL my wife, my children, my grandchildren or myself to ANY GOVERNMENT
I have been a resident of California for 42 plus years. I NEVER thought I would see the day that the state of California would take away my freedom of choice about the medical care of my children and grandchildren. When our forefathers created this country it was based on individual freedoms.

SB 277 is a bill that steals the rights of all parents  in the state of California.

I am sure you are not educated as I am with 41 plus years in the medical field but I can tell you from personal clinical experience, vaccines are the most dangerous EXPERIMENT man has ever come up with.  Putting aside all the known dangers of vaccines as we know them today, OUR FREEDOM is the issue in this matter.
There is NO where in OUR Constitution that MANDATES DRUG for all Citizens of America. Vaccines are a DRUG and they contain toxic waste to say the least in each and everyone of them.
I am begging you to veto and do all you can to stop this INSANITY  before it ruins the lives of all the children in our great state.
The vaccine manufactures have 200 new vaccines in the hopper and guess what Governor, by you in government who vote for MANDATING vaccines, they will have the opportunity to inject our children until they are all chronically ill or DEAD.
I know these are strong words for you to hear ONLY because you are not educated in this field. ALL of what you are told about vaccines being safe and effective come from the manufacturer of said drug… aka Fox in the Hen House. The FDA just rubber stamps vaccines as they come down the  production pipeline and are ineffective in protecting the citizens of our ONCE great country. Every drug and vaccine that has been recalled because of deaths caused by them were approved by the FDA. EVERONE of them.
I beg you to watch Trace Amounts and Bought. Two great independent films that were not created by Big Pharma Propaganda machines.
I pray your unrevealed good will reveal itself and stop this INSANITY that will kill and damage more children than all the wars in the history of the world.
You are all in my prayers. I pray you will wake up and do the humane and honest thing by vetoing or even better telling the Congress that there will NEVER be a law that MANDATES the use of any DRUG/VACCINE in the State of California EVER.
Sincerely yours,
Dr Stephen R. Blake DVM, CVA, CVH, Usui Reiki Master, father and grandfather of six beautiful children who have NEVER been vaccinated and NEVER will BE VACCINATE EVER.
 April 21, 2015
Dear Senator:
Thank you for asking tough questions about SB277.
Thank you for standing up for parental rights.
Thank you for taking a stand against discrimination.
Thank you for not taking away my child’s right to attend public school.
Thank you for helping me believe in the legislative process!
Thank you for your intelligent and direct questioning of Senate Bill 277 last week in the Education Committee hearing. Education is one of the most important gifts we can give to our children. Public education in California is a fundamental right, fully guaranteed and protected by the California Constitution.
Thank you for upholding this, and for remembering that education for our children – no matter their vaccination status – is an entitlement to Californians.
Although I may not reside in your district, the bill you are voting on will affect my family directly, along with so many others across the state. Parental rights are an integral part of our society, and SB277 threatens these rights. I appreciate your insight and thoughtful questions posed to Senator Pan with regards to this.
I encourage you to continue challenging all facets of SB277! Thank you for helping me believe in the legislative process once again.
I have been practicing medicine for over 41 years and I know from first hand experience with my patients that vaccines as we know them today are dangerous and ineffective. They still contain Thimerosal, the most toxic heavy metal on our planet and it is being injected into us all over the world.
You are in OUR prayers. PLEASE stand up and be a VOICE for us and OUR CHILDREN NOW.
Dr. Stephen Blake
12436 Grainwood Way
San Diego, Ca 92131