Several years ago I was blessed with meeting the most amazing spirit on the planet and he was in a Dolphin suit. His name was Kibby and he was amazing. When we first met it was old times for the first time. He greeted me as old friend, which I am sure we were.
     He was in a beautiful rescue facility and loved beyond belief. He was so happy, he and his brother Tanner were together all the time and great buds.
    When we met at the Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys, I was there to see what I could learn about their special needs and see what I could come up with homeopathically, Colostrum and Gemmotherapy wise to help them stay as healthy as possible.
     When I sat on  the dock to say hello, I was told he may or may not want to have contact with me. Well let me tell you he definitely had a mind of his own and this video will tell the rest of the story.
     He passed away this past year and he is missed by all who were blessed to know him. Please take a few minutes to feel the LOVE Kibby shared with me and the world. 

Here is a painting he did with my favorite artist Wyland. They are both amazing Spirits and I am blessed to have known them both in this life.

kibby painting picture

Wyland and Kibby’s Master Piece

Kibby Painting

Wyland and Kibby Doing their Thing Together,

Creating Peace and Beauty

Ubuntu Awathu . Please share.

Dr Stephen R Blake

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