This is My MSR Hubba tent for ONE with a flat Sleeping Mat for 7 nights north of Timberline Lodge, YIKES that Oregon ground is hard LOL. Yes on night 1 my ONE and ONLY sleeping pad went flat (The valve failed)!

Medicine Man #1 and #2 finally meet at Pacific Crest Trail Day on August 17, 2019 at the Cascade Locks on the Columbia River. We had been playing tag for over 150 miles and finally I had to play my Native American Flute over the PA system at the PCT Day event to find him. It was a blast sharing PCT stories and I am sure we will cross paths again on your continued journey to Canada and beyond.

My most memorable moment was when I got a kiss from Axel who I met on the trail with his caregiver Alright (LUCKY ME) !

So what does Medicine Man eat on the trail? This photo says it all LOL, on morning 7 I had a coke I had been caring for 3 days, two Snicker bars, Bovine Colostrum, The Organic Edge Algae and Organic Peruvian Macca for breakfast (ROCKET FUEL) LOL. You can read more about what I eat and how I can do what I do at 72+ spins around the sun at

If you are wearing shoes,


Back home from being back on my beloved Pacific Crest Trail for 150 miles in northern Oregon. Here is a little Youtube I made of my journey and how I do it LOL.. 72+ spins on the sun and Medicine Man is still trekking Yippppeeee good to be back home in my bed instead of sleeping on the ground ( oops my sleeping pad went flat day one and Oregon has some hard ground to sleep on LOL. Aho and so it is. Medicine Man

You are over dressed LOL. Medicine Man ONLY wears Teva sandals ( 9 oz each) and bare feet. You can read more about this at

So girls and boys, please get off the couch and walk around the block and who knows, you might end up walking the Pacific Crest Trail and loving it ! To learn more about Medicine Man aka Dr. Stephen R. Blake’s secrets to longevity, thriving and surviving in a toxic world click here.

Peace and love to all creatures great and small.

Aho and so it is,

Medicine Man aka Dr. Stephen R. Blake, B.Sci.,DVM, CVA, CVH, Usui Reiki Master fellow human being ..UBUNTU UBUNTU UBUNTU