Buddy 2012
My dear friend Buddy Love just sent me his latest and greatest report on how AMAZING he is doing on his Holistic Veterinary Care under Dr. Louie and Dr. Blake. He is our hero and an inspiration to us ALL who have been told there is NOTHING else you can do but take DRUGS, CHEMICALS and VACCINES. He is the LIGHT that shines so BRIGHTLY for ALL his ANIMAL friends, Great and Small in the quest for Healing Naturally.
Please pay it forward and ask all that read his words to share it with all they know.
Ubuntu ( I am because we are )
Doc and Doc
January 2, 1013
Happy New Year Dr. Stephen Blake,

As I sit here on New Year’s Day, reflecting on all of my blessings, YOU are at the top of my list!
I still cannot believe that soon it will be THREE years since my other Vet’s said I would only live for ONE more month, if I did not begin a lifelong routine of heavy duty steroids…. along with routine check-ups, to assure that the steroids were not destroying my body.
Well, instead of following that toxic routine, Barbara prayed and God led her to you! I will never forget the first time we met! You were so hopeful, and I was already wondering what it would be like to cross the “Rainbow Bridge.”
You must have spent 2 hours taking my entire history, and then checking me over from head to toe. Well, your homeopathic remedies, gemmotherapy, supplements, Lifewave patches, 1 TDC, Colostrum and exotic juices had a miraculous affect on me. My hair eventually grew back, and now I am even getting a hairy rug on my stomach.
From looking and feeling half dead, I have enjoyed countless hikes. Sometimes walking for miles, in some of the most scenic spots in the world. Best of all, even on days when I just feel like taking it easy, I love life and am totally grateful for every extra moment that your remedies give me.

Thank you for your compassion, kindness, and for always knowing just the right combination of remedies to keep me going.
I LOVE life! I LOVE you!
Happy New Year, Your Eternal Friend… Buddy Love