Today was truly an amazing day for me and a number of other health professionals.

We were privileged to hear Mr. David Schmidt, CEO of Life Wave explain the mechanism for how his patch system integrates and optimizes the healing potential of those who use them. He went into much more depth as to the scientific explanation of how these patches work than I am ready to share with you all at this time. I will be writing more in the coming weeks.

After hearing Mr. David Schmidt personally explain the process of how these amazing patches work in a private meeting with other doctors today May 12, 2011, I have simplified it into one sentence to help people get a feeling for what the potential is for us all in using these patches.

…”Life wave patches are helpful in optimizing cell replication my optimizing the DNA replication process and for optimizing the function of emunctory (excretory) organs of the body for the eternal detoxification process necessary for optimal health.” Dr. Stephen Blake 5/12/11

I encourage anyone who reads about this product to take the time to learn more about it and start using them as a complement to whatever modalities they care currently using. The upside potential is amazing. To learn more click here and learn about the data and testimonials of people who have benefited from using this system. 

Make today a great day and get patched :O) and help someone else get patched as well. I call this paying it forward.


Dr Blake