“Make today a great day and enjoy your ride on your perfect wave of life.”

Dr. Stephen Blake

“Wisdom is knowing, knowing is silence, silence is freedom” Dr. Stephen R. Blake 2/6/11 This quote came to me today while I was writing one of my favorite people on the planet, Don Miguel Ruiz of the Four Agreement, Don Miguel Ruiz.

His message for the day was:

You don’t need to accumulate knowledge to become wise; anyone can become wise. When you become wise, you respect your body, you respect your mind, and you respect your soul. When you become wise, your life is controlled by your heart, not your head.

In the Toltec teachings, the parasite of domestication (Ego), is that which prevents the true warrior who dwells with in us all to be wise, wild and free. This means do not let Monky Mind Chatter confuse you with who you really are. The child with in each of us is our true self and our mission on this physical world is to rediscover what is like to be free once again as we were when we were less than 5 years old but a bit wiser.

I would highly recommend everyone read Don’s books. I love them all.
Blessings. http://www.miguelruiz.com/index.php 

OAO, Salud :O)

Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie