My dear Friend Lilly, the Queen.

I just received a nice letter from an old client, I wanted to share with you all.

Over ten years ago I had a call from up north asking me if I could treat pemphagus foliacious in her cat. This is an autoimmune disease of the skin,  which can be triggered by vaccines, chemicals, flea spot on products and any drugs. I told her I could only help awaken the doctor with in her little friend and time would tell. She said she would let me try and depending on how Lilly responded to my treatment she would decide whether to continue or  not and resort to toxic drug therapy.

She admitted she didn’ know anything about holistic medicine and was very skeptical. Her only reason for calling me was because a friend of hers (a family friend and client of mine) had recommended she call me.  I never saw Lilly and handled her case strickly as a phone consultation.

The good news is the story turned out a Happy One and Lilly recovered without any drugs or chemicals, Never to be vaccinated again.

She was an amazing teacher for her Mom and me. Here is what she wrote me and agreed to share with all of you. My favorite quote is “The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it.”

Dear Doctor Blake,

You probably don’t remember – it was maybe 10 years or more ago – but I still tell people all the time about the miracle worker that saved my cat Lilly, from pemphagus foliacious, over the phone no less, with lots of cool little bottles of stuff – when the best and the brightest western medicine dermatology specialists vets were ready to inject her with a zillion milligrams of slippery slope prednisone. Lilly lived a great life after that, and still “lives” with us, in her pretty little glass “house” on the kitchen counter, with the other dearly departed pets….but the biggest miracle was you made a true believer out of me! I’ve “paid that forward”” to lots of people and their animals. I hope there are less unneccassary vaccines in the world because of me, from what I learned from you! I’ll always be so thankful for that….!!

Kris and Lilly

Please share Lilly’s story with all you know and ask them to do the same.

OAO Dr Blake and Dr. Louie