Hopi Rattle
Sacred Hopi Rattle I recieved on the Corner of Windslow Arizona while playing my Native American Flute   
I just had the most amazing week traveling in Arizona and Nevada with my Native American Flute. I traveled east to be with my Aunt Mary for her 104 the Birthday in Arizona and was blessed with stories that spanned over a hundred years of my family’s history and more. She is alert and vertical and my hero.
   We were blessed to hear the band the Eagles in Las Vegas on their Eagle’s history tour and listen to beautiful music that we grew up on. From there we ended on the Corner of Windslow Arizona, where a tribute to their music stands to this day.
   I stood there with my flute and played a little song in their honor. While I was playing a Hopi Indian came along and listened to me play. Afterwards he asked me if I was Native American and I was honored. We spoke for a time and then he said I have something for you. He reached in his little bag and pulled out a Hopi Rattle he had created in honor of the Hopi New Year and offered it to me.
   I held it and rattled it while he told of its meaning and how he had created it. I handed it to him and asked him to play his rattle . As he played, I played my flute with him, and it was magic. I had beautiful thoughts and visions and decided at that moment to buy it from him.
   After we played together I told him the flute had a new home and paid him gratefully for his time and heart felt artistry. We hugged and parted our way. I also thanked him and his people for all they have done for the Earth and the world and for the rain dances they are doing to bring rain to our mother Earth.
   It was yet another magical moment I will never forget on the Holly Road to the Universal Mind.
Aho. Oceans of Peace and Love for all. Ubuntu