Sage Stallone Dead: Sylvester Stallone’s Son Dies At 36 from DRUG OVERDOSE :O(
Another young spirit passes at the hands of BIG PHARMA and DRUG BASED MEDICINE and no one will even connect the dots, not even his poor mother and father. I am sad for the family and all that new Sage Stallone but I am even more saddened by the fact that it will be BUSINESS as USUAL as he is placed to rest eternally. DRUGS, CHEMICAL and VACCINES SALES will be up and the stock holders will be pleased.
I have watched Elvis, Michael, Whitney, Sage and many well known SPIRITS die from prescribed pharmaceutical drugs for the past 25 years and NOTHING CHANGES. MORE DRUGS, MORE CHEMICALS and MORE VACCINES. More SUFFERING and DEATHS and BIG PHARMA and OUR GOVERNMENT KEEP on ROLLING like nothing is WRONG with PROFITING from the suffering of people and animals for PROFIT.
As you can see I am upset by what I just read about Sage. I feel compelled to speak up for all of those poor souls who are being exploited by the DRUG companies, GOVERNMENT and THE DOCTORS who support this SYSTEM.
Our prayers are with Sage’s family and friends. His footprints are on the hearts of all that new him and he will live on in their memories of a young man who touched their lives forever.
Please read about Sage Stallone and pay it forward. This simple act of random kindness WILL SAVE the life of another human being or animal.
Dr Blake and Dr. Louie