shaman Jackson 14 months

Shaman Jackson Blake is definitely on the MOVE.

He has been on planet Earth for 14 months and is still on the run to bring Peace to OUR world, Earth.

Check out his latest adventure.

This Shaman has rhythm.

Please share.

He is unvaccinated and ONLY knows Homepathy, Essential oils, Colostrum, Nutrition, Gemmotherapy and LOVE as his friends in obtaining opimum cell replication, aka HEALTH. HE knows without knowing what is good or not  good for him. He is VERY direct with all beings who come his way. When he says NO it means NO WAY.


When the question of Drugs, Chemicals or Vaccines are brought into his space, HE  dismisses them with wave of his hand. He knows the dangers of these three etiologies of  Dis-ease and refuses to let them into his body, which by the way is AMAZINGLY HEALTHY.


To learn more about Colostrum , Essential Oils, Gemmotherapy  and Homeopathy, please visit OUR web site . Go to the pull down under products and Health tips to learn about and order these amazing products.


Shaman Jackson Blake has these words to share with all of you.. Drum Roll Please…… 🙂 Please visit my grandfather Shaman Stephen Blake and read what he has to share with all of you about what Health and Healing are all about without drugs, chemicals and vaccines. Please read what he has written about Mindful Healing and other Mindful Practices to help all creatures great and small optain optimum health.

Oceans of Peace,

Shaman Jackson Blake



I did no think I was going to have a grandchild to pass the medicine to until Shaman Jackson Blake appeard 14 short months ago. I knew before he entered the world he was the ONE. Lucky me, Lucky us, Lucky

World, Lucky Universe that he is in the world with all of us.
Amandla awethu ubuntu . Zulu of Power to the People, We are ALL ONE.

Oceans of Peace and Love Always,

Happiness is knowing you are on the right path.
PEACE is the ONLY path.