Shaman Jackson Blake on his 89th day on planet Earth has this to share.

Being in the presence of my grandson, Shaman Jackson Blake brings a joyful smile upon my heart and face. He has engaged me from the very first time I met him at 4 hours of age and he continues to inspire me to BE my very best to help all creatures great and small.

He is aware of the situation our world is in and has come to this world to help us all wake up to the fact we are ALL ONE. He has told me he knows his path and that as soon as he can speak, he will let us know what we can all do for OUR Mother Earth and Each other.

He wants us all to do our very best to protect the children of our world now from the dangers of drugs, chemicals and vaccines as we know them today. He is aware of Big Pharma doing everything they can to FORCE Drugs, Chemicals and Vaccines on the citizens of the world. He asks all of us to JUST SAY NO to laws that force GMO, CHEMICALS, DRUGS, Mandated Vaccines upon the citizens of OUR world.

You can move your feet and start by opposing legistlation that takes our right of CHOICE from us. SB277 in California is ONE example of 100’s of bills being forced upon the citizens of each state in OUR country. Do not give up your right to FREE CHOICE, call , write or email those in POWER telling those who are in favor of these bills that they will be recalled and prosecuted for their crimes against the citizens of OUR world if they vote in favor of this bill or anyother bills like it.

Please do your best to be the change you wish to see in the world now. Please share his words with all you know and ask them to do the same. Please read what we have written about vaccines on our website.


Shaman Jackson Blake and Dr. Stephen Blake