Buddy love Oct 2015        
  The ONE and ONLY Mr. Buddy Love, doing his thing, having FUN.
Here is my latest communication from my friend, patient and hero, Mr. Buddy Love. He has been a patient of mine for over 5 years now and he just keeps getting younger. For those who are not familiar  with Mr. Buddy Love, his story has been on going on my web site and you can read about our amazing journey together these past years here on my web site
When we met many moons ago, he had been told by many veterinarians, his life was over and it was time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. His Mom would not give up and some how found me in San Diego, many miles away from where she lived up north. She  made the journey south many times over the first year and then a miracle happened and he started return to this world. He is now 15 years + young and doing great in his new home in Colorado.
He is my hero  and keeps me from giving up when the times get tough. Thank you Mr. Buddy Love for being in my life.
I am grateful the Colostrum, Gemmotherapy, Nutrition, Standard Process, homeopathy, Earthing and LOVE continue to serve him well in his life in this world.
Ubuntu Awathu,
Dr Stephen Blake
October 2, 2015

Hi Dr. Stephen Blake,

Barbara told me about your BIG adventure in Africa.  Wow!  That must have been FUNtastic to bike through the desert for weeks.  I’ll bet you saw a lot of interesting wildlife.  As for me, I have also “seen” a lot of wildlife in Colorado, as I ride along in the pickup truck with Barbara and Ron.  I sit on a comfortable cushion, on top of a plastic box, behind the passenger seat.  Or, sometimes I enjoy all the new sights, scents, and sounds on a twin size mattress in the back.

We saw a teenage bear scurry up the side of a hill, and then watched him run from one hilltop to another.  There are also lots of elk, deer, rabbits, coyotes, skunks, porcupines, and beautiful red foxes.  I absolutely LOVE riding around, and look forward to driving up to Steamboat Springs, CO next week to see all of the vibrant colored Aspen trees this autumn.

Well, that is all for now.  I feel GREAT, and look GREAT…  and thank you for being my pal.

Love Always,
Buddy Love
PS:  Barbara and Ron also send best wishes your way.