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You guessed it, he has some more great information to share with all his animal friends, great and small. Here is excellent information I just received from my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Patricia Jordan on my favorite topic…drumrolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll VACCINATIONS AS WE KNOW THEM TODAY.

Before you get to read this very well written information, I want you take some time to go to my Vaccination page (which I just updated) http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/health-tips/vaccinations/#comment-418 and make sure you are clear on why you are NOT GOING TO VACCINATE your BEST friend ANY LONGER. :O)


Well, Dr. Pitcairn is a PhD in Virology! Dr. Ron Schultz is PhD in Immunology and the absolute only one that has vaccinology knowledge at PhD level. He has a great webinar you can review for free on Maddie’s Institute entitled Saving Lives with Antibody titers. You should get your “highly educated’ boss to review it. http://www.maddiesfund.org/Resource_Library/Saving_Lives_with_Antibody_Titer_Tests.html
In a short review, Schultz goes into the advocation of ONE vaccine against just the lethal viruses and to check titer 2-3 weeks after that one vaccine. He recommends the one vaccine when the pups immune system is “mature” which several ages have passed around but 15 weeks he is sure they have all “arrived”.
Off topic of this is the circulation of PhD Child Immunologists admitting that vaccinations to babies under a year of age is just plan illogical.
Dr. Schultz has information about performing nomographs and that is where he found the average times for the maternal antibody levels starting to decrease and the pups immune system getting ready to respond. you can actually determine that but the average time is about 10-12 weeks. His call that 15 weeks by sure would be the time to make the vaccine.
Now, he also does not even recommend taking titers every year or even every three years. Like Joyce Harmon has said with her horse clients……you don’t really need to repeat titers. Dr. Schultz suggest that when a dog and cat get much older like 10 for dogs and 15 for cats, you might want to pull a titer. I have found research that shows the elderly do not always even make responses to vaccines so I wouldn’t say that successful use of that titer would be to repeat vaccinations again .I also would expect a more corrupted immune system the More vaccines that were delivered, so no benefits there for sure. Vaccines actually impart damage that is accumulating, pushing that vital force towards susceptibility and gene profile expression of disease.
Now, for your boss, Dr. Schultz has already done the challenge studies, if you want I will send you a copy of them. He is also having more publications coming out.
Dr. Richard Ford had told me once if only Dr. Ron Schultz would get everything he knows about vaccines published we would not be bumbling around with erroneous information and giving these vaccines in the first place.
We all know the titer is not a test that in itself determines immunity. Immunity is carried in other places, not just antibody production. Also, there are cases of animals with sufficient titers not being immune. This could be for many reasons, just one would be the protein mutating power of both mercury and aluminum in the vaccines. They are responsible for making bad antibody through dendritic cell presentation of antigen that is misread or warped by those synergistic metallurgic protein mutators.
As a last point I would relay that I have seen Dr. Ron Schultz almost, well, actually there is no almost he screamed to us in Salt lake City, that he was “CERTAINLY NOT” advising for any of us to vaccinate every 3 years….he was saying never ever any more than that. His real belief, that not only is the yearly unnecessary and unsafe but so is the ever again administration! Right, the man himself is all about truth when he stands now behind essentially just the one for life vaccine and only for the lethal virus and never the mumbo jumbos or vaccines against bacteria or parasites.
I have had vet techs, veterinarians, and many clients see clearly that vaccines are why they have a “business”.
The idea that “if vets don’t sell the shots how will they make their money” is astounding to me. Because vaccines are essentially how they disease the pets in the first place? On what planet is that acceptable for anyone supposedly in the health care profession. It isn’t. The truth is that vaccines have been set in precedence, not science and not “evidence based medicine”. vaccinations have been “experimentation under the guise of health care delivery”. They are the bling bling of commercial scientists, not to be confused with health care. We have been tittering pups at 20 weeks never rabies vaccinated and they are covered. We have much more to understand about immunity and how it transmits vertically along the genome. J C Burnett said it best when he stated, you are BLIGHTED or you are no vaccinate at all…..
It is a very complex subject the main reason? Dr. Ron Schultz says this; veterinarians are not trained enough or know enough about immunology or vaccinology to even be making any vaccine recommendations, but then again neither do their instructors at the veterinary schools. Then we have licensed individuals making recommendations under the direction of practices that are “vaccine based”. This is a HUGE problem, one he has been warning us all about since 1978 along with others like Dr. Phillips and Dr. Scott, then Dr. Alice Wolf and Dr. Richard Ford. PLENTY of the experts have been saying for decades that we should not be giving all these vaccines.
I think we can rightfully say that vaccines are that great “unknown etiology” that has been uncovered and found the cause of most of the diseases that make up Internal Medicine.
Patricia Jordan

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