WAKE up PEOPLE and STOP listening to Big Pharma’s MEDIA FAKE NEWS NOW!

Day 220 of the year 2017, the best day in the history of the world and guess what Medicine Man found on his desk today???? Drum Roll Please 🙂
His favorite TRUTH media Source, Health Freedom News…He never watchs TV news, newspaper news, radio news etc and has not done so for over 25+ years.

The Topic today is ???Negative News Reports about Dietary Supplements ARE “FAKE NEWS! “

The individuals I put in the Classification of UNREVEALED GOOD 🙂
David Seres of The American Council on Science and Health. He is a journalist who is camped in hi position against dietary supplements and parrots and contrives and generates news sources that do not examine all the facts.

David Lazurus of the Los Angeles Time says he is worried the Federal Budget cuts might expose consumers to more dietary-supplements hazards as the FDA is forced to make cutback in the enforcement office. Wake up people, EVERY drug and chemical that has been recalled because of DEATHS to animals and People HAS BEEN approved by the FDA..

Good old Dr. Paul Offit, FATHER Of MANDATING 10,000 vaccines and supplement antagonist, ONE OF MY FAVORITE sandpaper on my SOUL Unrevealed good human beings. He is also a patent-holder and profiteer of vaccines, lays in to he U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s new Secretary, Dr. Tom Price, for not targeting the dietary-supplement industry in his list of regulatory priorities. The supplement industry produces far safer products than either the drug or food industries. NO ONE dies from supplement, 100’s of millions DIE from Drugs, Chemicals and VACCINES.

Good old Dr. James Hamblin, senior editor at The Atlantic online magazine, says the dietary supplement industry is plagued by outlandish claims that undermine credible science ( This would fall under the heading, THE BEST SCIENCE BIG PHARMA CAN BUY). Dr. Hamblin was trained to prescribe FDA-approved prescription drugs (That kill people) and like most medical doctors has little of no training in or knowledge of nutrition. Dietary supplements are safe that tap water, aspirin, table salt, and even food!. There were NO deaths from dietary supplements reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers in 2015! FACT!

HARVARD UNIVERSITY is the source for many anti-dietary supplement information, provide for us all in the form of The Journalist’s Resource, which originates from the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School. Harvard gets $37.8 million in licenseing revenues from its pharmaceutical patent holdings!. Fox in the hen house for sure !

72% of the commercial breaks on CBS evening News are for pharmaceutical advertisements! Drug makers spend $6.4 billion on Direct-to-consumer advertising in the U.S. Last year!
57% of consumers support removal of prescription drug ad’s from TV and 58% opp0se quicker drug approvals.

THE GOOD NEWS is …drum roll please…50%+ of the U.S. Population do not listen to the mainstream media when it comes to supplements. There is LIGHT at the END of the TUNNEL of TRUTH. HEALTH is NOT spelled drugs, chemicals and vaccines.
Medicine Man