Why is our friend looking at us this way?
The reason is simple, she  knows the truth about the dangers of vaccines and want us to educate ourselves and all that we know. She want us to get the word out as fast as possible so others will not suffer. She would love to have Oprah host a show with Dr. Andrew Wakefield plus other great scientists who know the truth about the dangers of vaccines as we know them today.
On Dr Mercola’s site he has some old footage of Dr. Maurice Hilleman http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/02/18/leading-vaccine-doctor-states-cancer-linked-to-polio-vaccine.aspx who was the developer of Merck’s vaccine program. He developed over three dozen vaccines, more than any other scientist in history. He was a member of the U.S. National Academy of Science, the Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society. He received a special lifetime achievement award from the World Health Organization. Hilleman was one of the early vaccine pioneers to warn about the possibility that simian viruses might contaminate vaccines.
Dr. Mercola also had the following information to share with us all.

For starters, the HPV vaccine Gardasil, which is being vigorously pushed on unsuspecting young girls and women to theoretically guard against cervical cancer still has never been proven to actually prevent cancer. On the contrary, evidence suggests that under certain circumstances the vaccine increases your risk of precancerous lesions by nearly 45 percent, and an ever increasing number of girls are being seriously injured by this unnecessary vaccine.

As of December 13, 2010, 20,915 adverse reactions had been reported in the United States alone, including 89 deaths, 297 miscarriages or stillbirths, and 370 reports of abnormal pap smears post vaccination.

All of this from a vaccine that has only been on the market for four years!

Please share this information with all you know and ask them to do the same. PLEASE PAY IT FORWARD. The best medicine is prevention, so avoid vaccines at all cost. If anyone knows Oprah personally, see if you can get her to read about the truth behind the myth of vaccines as we know them to day being safe.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Stephen Blake