buddy love on the run
Buddy Love’s Mom trying to keep up with her over 100 years young puppy, Buddy Love. 
I just had my day made by getting this email and picture of two of my favorite spirits in this world, Buddy Love and his caregiver Barbara.
Check out my amazing patient and teacher Buddy Love doing his thing…….drum roll please, LIVING LIFE and getting YOUNGER with every STEP and BREATH he takes.
Please share,
Dr Stephen Blake
Hello Dr Blake,
As you can tell by this photo, I am doing everything I can to keep up with Buddy Love.
He is a real dynamo, and everyone thinks he is reversing the cycle of life… getting younger by the day!
Hopefully, with Buddy as my faithful coach, I will soon look and feel younger than I already do.
Thanks again for the miraculous affect that you and your remedies have on Buddy.
Now, we must head back to the Ocean to catch the monumental waves lashing the shore at the Wedge!
If you want to learn what keeps my boy doing so great, check out Earthing, Colostrum, Gemmotherapy, Standard Process and life wave pathes on my web site www.thepetwhisperer.com
Please pay it forward.