Turtle and my feet

Dr. Stephen Blake Eathing on a beach on Kauai with his Sea Turtle buddy


By Stephen R. Blake DVM, CVA, CVH, Usui a Reiki Master

My brother and teacher Thay ( Thich Naht Hanh ) says it best on page 11 of his book Peace is Every Step ( One of my very favorite books) about less is better.

We may think and worry so much that we cannot sleep. If we go to the doctor for some sleeping pills or tranquilizers, these may make the situation worse, because we do not really rest during that kind of sleep, and if we continue using these drugs, we may become addicted. We continue to live tensely, and we may have nightmares.

When we are in touch with the refreshing, peaceful, and healing elements within ourselves and around us, we learn how to cherish and protect these things and make them grow. These elements are available to us anytime.

Peace is every step we take barefoot upon the Earth which gives us ALL life and nurtures ALL creatures Great and Small. As Thay teaches us, these elements are available to us anytime!

EARTHING is as low tech as you can get to helping your body stay
in touch with the refreshing, peaceful, and healing elements within ourselves and around us.

I know from my personal experience in my 67 years in laboratory of life, that EARTHING has kept me young by helping my body do its J.O.B. Joy Of Being optimum cell replication.

Clint Ober’s book Earthing can help our world free itself from drugs and chemicals. It can help all of us enjoy a happier healthier, free of drugs and chemicals. You can eat better, exercise, stay away from drugs, chemicals and vaccines and still not attain optimum health, if you are not EARTHING each and everyday!

Adding the practice of EARTHING to your daily practice of meditation, exercise, mindful eating and living mindfully, WILL take you to new heights of OPTIMUM health AKA optimum cell replication.

Dr. Louie and Dr. Blake recommend going barefoot directly on the Earth as much as you can each and everyday without anything between the souls of your feet and the heartbeat of Mother Earth. They also recommend you get a grounding pad to put under your bare feet, when you are in a building working, reading or gaming. Sleep time is the best time to practice your EARTHING, using an Earthing sheet, which you can take anywhere you travel or foot pad. Take some time out of your busy life and read Earthing and start feeling the heartbeat of Mother Earth beneath your feet and order these amazing Earthing products to help achieve optimum cell replication NOW. You are ONLY one step away ( barefooted ) to experiencing better health.

Grounding research by Polish cardiologist Karol Sokal and neurosurgeon Pawel Skal suggests that the a Earth’s energy likely plays a basic role in enabling the nervous system adapt to the demands of the organism and the environment. Reconnecting the body to the Earth provides perhaps the most natural tool available anywhere.

Dr. Louie and Dr. Blake ask all of you to take off your shoes and socks, take a step for peace inside and outside of your body on Mother Earth with your bare feet and feel her heartbeat beneath your feet and the breath of the angels wings behind the wind as you mindfully pass through this beautiful world we call EARTH.

Doc Louie and Doc Blake

.Dr. Louie and Dr. Blake have been big fans of EARTHING for many moons. Both of them are BAREFOOTERS and know the benefits of being connected directly to the surface of Mother Earth. They make it really easy to understand  the benefits of making direct contact with the Earth by explaining it as connecting yourself to  a huge battery 25,000 miles in circumference.

    Wearing shoe/socks, walking on carpet, tile, wood, rubber, etc insulates you from the infinite source of free electrons the Earth wants to share with us all. Both Dr Louie and Dr. Blake do their best to go  barefoot as much as they can each day and use the amazing Earthing Products to keep you connected 24/7 to the Earth no matter where you are day or night.  
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Dr. Blake in Kauai being with Nature OUR best friend

Dr. Blake in Kauai being with Nature OUR best friend

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Please pay it forward and share our exciting work with Earthing with all you know and ask them to do the same.
Dr Louie and Dr. Blake